Welcome baby to the paradise – home!

Parents want to do their best for their cutie pie from the very first day of its life. What a better start than welcoming the most important member, to a wonderful room, full of colors, blessings, memories and wishes.

Preparing a room for a new-born always excites future parents. Few quick tips to help you make your baby feel as special as it felt in womb – Safe and cozy.


When you make up a bedroom for a newborn, try to keep an interior to the common theme. Girl or a boy, babies are babies, you can use themes like angels, stars, fairies, Disney characters – mickey mouse, pooh, power ranger etc. Best options are the soft and quiet shades like light green and baby blue. Weave in magical experience for your baby through designs and colours.


It is advisable to use eco-friendly paints that have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Presently, Berger Breathe easy, and Nerolac’s Impression Eco clean are widely used eco-friendly paints. Entire paint industry is shifting green and hence, all products of major brands have very low VOC content.

In order to have enough time for it to air out and to avoid causing disturbance to both mom and child, make sure to paint before your baby arrives.


Home is the heaven on earth. Give your baby most beautiful welcome gift. Unleash the creative parent in you. Celebrate entry of the star of your life.

Choose various designs,from the ebook given below.