How Much Does it Cost to Paint Interiors?

Planning to paint your home? Wondering how much it’s going to cost, which product to use? Well, most influential factor in any decision making is the cost involved. Before you set out to get your house painted, we advise you to understand the various cost-elements involved.

1. Putty & Primer:

Well begun is half done!In case of heavy cracks or water seepage, it is important to ensure they are treated first with specialized products.

Putty fills in small cracks, smoothens wall surface, removing undulations any on it.  Next layer on wall will be that of Primerwhich improves paint adhesion onto the surface.

In case of repainting, usually 1 coat of primer has to be applied especially if using rich sheen products. While it is not mandatory when matte finish is desired, a coat of primer can’t be skipped if wall condition is bad or when painting a darker shade over a lighter one.

Standard procedure for freshly cured surfaces is 2 coats of putty, 2 coats of primer, followed by 2-3 coats of paint.

2. Paint Products: Emulsions or Distempers.

While distempers are lime-based and hence less expensive, they do not produce long-lasting results. Colour fading and peel off can be expected within a few years.

Though, emulsions are on higher side in terms of initial cost, they are perfect value for money. Emulsions are water-based paints, and are available in various shades and finishes. Infact, low cost emulsions of all major paint brands, set to replace distempers are available widely in market.

Looking at return on investment, emulsionis the best bet.

3. Finish:Matte or Gloss

Matte, soft-sheen, super – rich, silky smooth touch – what do you prefer? As sheen or gloss of paint increases, its wash-ability increases, and improved looks and properties (low VOC, eco-friendly paints) come at additional cost.

You can always impress your prospective tenants with your freshly painted apartment. And save good cash, using a flat finish. Opaque paints are not just less expensive, but can also avoid using primer prior painting.

Use products with sheen in areas that tend to attract dirt like kitchen, or areas of high traffic like the living or kid’s room, for easy maintenance.

A smart tip is to use combination of paints: Matte finish on ceiling and products of desired sheen on walls.

4. Labour charge is a major chunk in cost of painting. And we strongly feel these painters deserve it, for one, it’s a skill and secondly, for the energy they put in to beautify our homes.