7 Common Color Mistakes That People Make

Even with the best intentions, sometimes colour can go wrong for your apartment. People do a lot of research before choosing a colour but not every time it proves to be a success.Read on some of the most common colour mistakes most people make and try and avoid them!

1. Ignoring Lights

Lights can make the look of your colour or completely avoid the magic of the colour. The fact is colour never stands alone.When you choose your color, see the color in daylight as well as artificial light to check whether it compliments your home.It is important to consider both the presence and abseence of light.Someone with the right experience should be able to help you decide.

2. Mixing too many colors at once

Sometimes using too many colors for a room can make the room the opposite of peaceful. Your room may also start to appear smaller than what it is. Choosing just 2 primary colors can do the trick then, handful of secondary colors along with some accent colors as well as where the colors are located spread around evenly to carry your eye through a room.

3. Not experimenting with colors

The opposite of the above mentioned problem can also be very restricted and boring. Choosing just 2 basic colors can look predictable and lifeless. To add life to your room add some interesting elements of color palette which has no connection with the colors. This will take your attention to the right places and also add life to your room.

4. Not giving the eye places to rest

Even the most colorful homes can look too cluttered. Using colors is fine but overdoing it can overwork your eye. Leave some empty walls and spaces or add some elements to neutral shades that will de-clutter the look of your home.

5. Playing it too safe

Sometimes you wish you could use a color but then you thought it’s too wild. Anything bold is risky, you think. But,  sometimes playing too safe is the biggest risk of all. So play with your colors and make it look like you.

6. Choosing the wrong Finish

Sometimes even with the best of colors and furniture you still get that missing feeling. Possibilities are you may have had the wrong finish. Something with a bit of sheen could have been better if you went full glossy. Or something too shiny really could have been softened with a nice matte finish. Thumb rule is that, higher gloss paints tend to enrich and brighten color.

7. Not considering how you actually want the room to feel

Home is a feeling based place and taking that point off the mind could be a disaster. Always reflect back how you want your room to feel. If something doesn’t feel right,don’t compromise. Check with the calming or aggravating effect and work accordingly.