Texture Wall : Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Beautiful things in life happen within those walls of our homes. Don’t they deserve a lot more attention! Add some definition and drama; and thereby transform those bare walls into something spectacular and accentuate aesthetic appeal with wall texture.

What’s a Texture Painting:

Wall textures replicate appearances of materials such as stone, metal or fabric. With exquisite paints and tools like a brush, a sponge, rags such special effects are brought live on walls, adding depth and dimension to them. Love the feel of those casual denims and leather jacket, experienced a walk in the rain or an African Safari, or prefer metallic tinges to earthy shades, paint manufacturers like Asian Paints, Nerolac have come up with interesting range of products, to recreate them all and lot more.

One can accent a single wall of any room, usually living or master bedroom, with texture and thus make it standout of the rest or magically cover-up any imperfections on it. It is advisable not to go with textures on too many walls as it can become overpowering. Check out our guide to paint perfect accent walls.

texture by aapkapainter - Royale Play - Sleet









There are plenty of texture patterns to choose from and each comes with its unique pallet. Paint a single texture wall – starting at Rs.5000 and within Rs.10000, depending on the finish/texture required. Brighten up your homes with these amazing effects in just a day! Howzat!!

All set! Invite friends home for a dinner. Catch up a movie or a game of soccer. Flaunt your style and let the textured walls speak.



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