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How often should we dress up the walls ?

How often should we dress up the walls ?

How often should we paint the walls Benefits of house painting Our house represents our inner personality.Our soul is reflected to the world through our house. We all know that painting is a quick and easy way to refresh or update our home. From painting your child’s room to changing the color of your exterior […]

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Intrior color of alia bhatt house

6 Most Popular Celebrity Home Interiors and Paint Colours

 Mirror isn’t the only place which shows your reflection.   Home is where heart is they say. It is your presence, your laughter, your tears shared which turns a house into a home. It echoes all the beauties and reminiscence of the things that passed. It is your own personality reflected through your house. Whether […]

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rental management company

Housewise: A rental management company in India

YOUR PROPERTY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY In this modern era of globalization, people have literally become ”citizen of the world”. Residing in the foreign countries has become a very frequent phenomenon nowadays. A large number of Indian-origin people has foreign citizenship. Although NRIs don’t live in India, still they share strong bonds with their motherland. NRIs face […]

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wall painting mumbai

How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of colors. Also, the quality of paints is as important as it’s color. So you must be very […]

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foremost important step to achieve desired and long lasting painting results is figuring out the right paint, suiting your needs and requirements.

How to choose right paint at right price for you

Spread the Love Tweet   Planning to paint your homes? While painting homes, is quickest way to give your homes an amazing makeover, the hard part is choosing the right paint for your painting needs. Whether you are doing interior painting or exterior painting, or a coat or two on metal or wood, primary and […]

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5 Home Decoration Ideas for This Navratri

Spread the Love Tweet This is the most awaited season in most of the Hindu tradition. Followed by the Diwali vacation this makes the month of October- November the most happening ones of the year. Let’s see what can be done to make our homes the best place to rejoice the season. Simple decorative items […]

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Ways to Decorate Your Pooja Room

Spread the Love Tweet Pooja Room or the place we worship is the most spiritual place of our house. We offer our deep gratitude towards almighty God in this part of our home. Let’s find out best way to decorate this holy place in our home. Choose the Direction Choosing a place of worship is the most important […]

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6 Tips to Create Inspirational Space at Home

Spread the Love Tweet Quite often we lose hope. We need something to inspire us on daily basis. Having such a space, a wall or even a pin- up board in your home is a healthy practice. Follow these simple steps to create something motivating every day! Choose a visible space Your inspirational wall needs to be […]

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7 Amazing Ideas for Brighter Homes

Spread the Love Tweet There so many natural ways of making your home look brighter. Thereby making you feel positive and think optimistic naturally. Some of the easiest ways are : Pastel Colours Pastel colors have the subtle soothing effect on your walls. Shades of blue and green reflect nature and help you relax at home. They […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Paint Mistakes

Colours for the Ceiling Paints are the colors in which you drape your walls. The more elegant the choice the more chic the home looks. Hence, making the mistake of painting the ceiling all in white can just bring the whole glamour down. Have some corner designs or the borders coloured differently. An artificial ceiling […]

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