Housewise: A rental management company in India


In this modern era of globalization, people have literally become ”citizen of the world”. Residing in the foreign countries has become a very frequent phenomenon nowadays. A large number of Indian-origin people has foreign citizenship. Although NRIs don’t live in India, still they share strong bonds with their motherland. NRIs face the problem of managing their property very often, which they can solve by hiring any professional property management company in India.


Housewise is one of such companies. The company was founded by Pryank Agrawal, an IIT Roorkee graduate, and Manjeet Chowdhury, a chemical engineering graduate from BITS Pilani. Both of these highly experienced professionals ended up founding the most trustworthy property management company in India which is working in these major cities of India- Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Chennai and Noida. The company provides transparent, reliable and cost-effective property management solutions to NRIs around the globe.


The house owner contacts the Housewise representative and authorizes the company to rent out his property on his behalf. Housewise finds the tenants in need of a house on rent. After the police verification of the tenant, Housewise completes the paperwork and prepares a contract to be signed by both the parties. Housewise collects the rent every month and looks after every repair and maintenance of the property until the end of the lease.


Housewise is a bunch of highly experienced professionals, providing seamless and trustworthy services to its clients. The company aspires to be recognized as a global benchmark for property management. Once we are authorized by the owner, we take their property as our responsibility saving them from the worries of managing their property. We are getting an excellent feedback from our clients and we hope to keep their faith maintained.