5 Ways to Avoid Paint Mistakes

Colours for the Ceiling

Paints are the colors in which you drape your walls. The more elegant the choice the more chic the home looks. Hence, making the mistake of painting the ceiling all in white can just bring the whole glamour down. Have some corner designs or the borders coloured differently. An artificial ceiling can do wonders if the budget and size of the home permits. Small home with artificial ceiling can cut the size dramatically. Hence, Avoid!

Experiment with colours, brazenly!

monochromatic theme

Colors, if rightly chosen can change the look of the house. So, be a little more than creative and don’t choose the conventional ones .Go for the offbeat hues.Matching every wall of the house can be a bit boring. Try out monochromatic coloring patterns, that is different shades of same colour,in that case.

Do not match everything


You may be tempted to match all the colors along with the curtains and bed sheets. Colors and patterns should be chosen to complement each other. Contrasting colors can equally leave an impact. So, observe your taste well and follow your gut.

Don’t go overboard

Too much of anything is hideous. Mellow down with the colors. Paint a lighter shade and observe how you feel. Too much of variety can also hurt your eyes. It can also hamper your peace of mind. Read more about colour psychology here.

Finish well

A color that is half done or undone can add no novelty to your home. The finishing touches not only save your wall from damage but also give the house a very warm and classy look. Pick the right gloss levels required. Colours can appear different, on varying gloss levels.