How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of wall paint colors. Also, the quality of paints is as important as it’s color. So you must be very meticulous while choosing the perfect wall paint colors for painting a house. There are some key factors that you should keep in mind for the best paint selection.
The main reason behind painting our home is to make it look beautiful. Colors are wonderful and can make anything look beautiful. Thus, the best color selection is a must. Usually, people go with light colors for interior painting and dark colors for exterior painting.
There are different types of wall painting ideas with diversity of paints available which have different qualities and which are used for painting different places. Different paints are used for interior painting and exterior painting. Acrylic Flat and Acrylic Eggshell are used for walls and ceilings while Alkyd semi-gloss is used for woodwork, trim or decorative objects. Oil enamel is used for all exterior surfaces.
The area covered by the same quantity of paint differs with the type, quality, and brand of the paint. The wise selection of paint can make you efficient. Usually, one liter of paint covers up to 100 square feet of area. But this area can vary from one type to another type and one brand to another brand of paints. Thus, you are required to do a little research about different brands of paint before choosing one.

As it is said- “All that glitters is not gold”- do not go with the expensive brands blindly. Everything expensive may not be good in quality. Painting is very chaotic and we can’t paint our home very frequently. Thus it is suggested to select a durable paint, especially for exterior painting.
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The best paint product companies in India are Asian Paints, Berger and Nerolac. One cannot arrange them in an order on the basis of quality. Each of them has specific qualities. However, Asian paints are ranked among the top ten best paints of the world. Asian paints are best known for interior paints- royale luxury and ace emulsion. Whereas, Berger is best known for the vast range of shades it provides.

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Paint selection is really a headache. But AapkaPainter is here with the solution to all your worries. We test a lot of interior and exterior paints to find the best paint for our customers. You can find the estimated cost of your project just by clicking once on your phone. We provide our customers with the expert advisers for selecting the best color combinations for their home or office. AapkaPainter makes paint selection and painting as simple as anything.
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