Wall painting ideas to Promote the Joy of Learning

check Aapkapainter’s to get Images for painting ideas for kids room. Schools are said to be the temples of learning. It is the site of creativity and curiosity. What can be the one thing that can be improvised in schools to promote learning?

Wall paintings! They have vibrant colours and patterns. They can also have great teaching potential. Wall paintings can be inspiring for students of all ages. Here are some amazing ideas that you should explore.

Solar systems and maps

Space and solar system is something that always inspires young kids. The stars, galaxies, and different elements of the world outside Earth make them curious to know more. Similarly, they are also interested in the places that are inside the planet. Spotting different locations on their local map are fun and is also a great way to learn about their surroundings. World map and map of India can be installed in geography labs to make learning fun and innovative.

Solar system wall art by Aapka Painter

Moogli Jungle and animals

Schools must encourage students to appreciate the natural world. Students must be taught how to care for and love animals and plants. By installing wall art murals inspired by nature and its elements, students will be encouraged to know more about them. The zoo is the favourite place for kids and hence, jungle-inspired walls can also bring great laughter and joy among them.

Jungle wall art by Aapka Painter

Informative charts and diagrams

Students have got a lot of learning and some of them do require rote learning. It can be very useful for them to install wall arts with charts and diagrams that can be useful for them. For example, the periodic table can be drawn on the walls or quadratic formulas in maths. These painting ideas diagrams can also be made fun and interesting by using different colours and design elements.

Colorful doodles

Doodle art is great fun for all age groups. They are full of ideas and inspire creativity for everyone. You can install colorful doodle arts with elements that can inspire students. This can be a mix of multiple elements to create a rich collage work with animals, plants, and different topics from school subjects. Different doodle artworks can be created for different occasions as well like Christmas or New Year.

Famous icons and paintings ideas

Children should always look up to inspiring icons for inspiration and motivation. Many young students are fascinated by leaders and subject experts. You can include images of famous scientists like Newton and Einstein or young astronauts who have been to space. They can also be used for relevant subjects like Physics, Maths and Chemistry. Olympic gold medalists and cricket stars images can be used in spaces in gymnasiums and game courts. 

School exterior wall art by Aapka Painter

Schools are the perfect places to explore creativity to the fullest. Wall murals and wall arts can be a great way to modify the dull and boring walls of your school. We hope these painting ideas have inspired you and you should get these amazing artworks installed in your schools now.