Bedroom Painting Ideas

A good bedroom begins with the right paint! Check out some excellent bedroom decor ideas with AapkaPainter to add some beauty to your home.

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Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas

The bedroom colours should exude elegance and comfort. This is the space to relax and wind down. Choose colours that are soothing to the eyes. However, you can also add some zing to the space with textures and patterns. Explore some excellent styles by AapkaPainter.

living room wall painting design ideas

Modern bedroom ideas

Whether you are renovating your space and getting a brand new bedroom, there are ways to stay ahead of the wall decor. A modern bedroom oozes confidence and sleek elegance. Use light pastels for an airy and spacious feeling at all times. Darker shades on the other hand can also feel cosy and comforting for a larger room.

bedroom painting design color ideas

Simple Bedroom Paint Ideas

Choose a simple layout for a relaxing bedroom where you can always relax. Colours like beige, brown, and white can have a calming effect on your nerves. Light colours also add energy to the space during the day and make it feel larger. Get the right shades according to the light and spatial dimensions of your room.

bedroom color ideas

Luxurious Bedroom Painting Ideas

A comforting bedroom is always a great sign of luxury. You can use subtle elements or grandiose ways to express yourself with your walls. Use elegant patterns and textures to define the personality of the space. Shades like red, blue, and maroon can give a powerful effect to upgrade the vibe of the bedroom.

bedroom color ideas

Stencils and Textures for Modern Bedrooms

Get the latest stencils and textures to give an innovative look to your bedroom. Ditch the plain colours and try some new patterns and designs with AapkaPainter. We have an excellent selection of the latest stencils and textures that totally elevate the home decor of your space!

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decorating ideas for bedroom 2

living room bedroom wall painting ideas 1
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 2
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 3
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 4

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Check out our brand new catalogue for the best inspiration for your bedrooms. Get stunning stencils and textures to upgrade your lifestyle with AapkaPainter!

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Latest Bedroom Painting Ideas

Latest Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom

Are you someone who is looking for wall painting ideas for Indian bedroom? If your answer is Yes, then keep reading this guide as we will uncover some best wall painting ideas for bedroom. 

While getting the best bedroom paint ideas, you need to keep a few things in mind like its size, architecture, and furniture, etc. Instead of brainstorming bedroom paint ideas, you can also see some images of the same. By looking at the images of wall painting ideas for bedroom, you can imagine how a combination of colours is going to look on your walls.


Two Colour Bedroom Painting Ideas 

The most famous paint color ideas for bedroom walls are the two colour painting ideas. As its name suggests, it includes two contrasting colors for painting the walls. A few creative wall painting ideas for bedroom are a combination of burnt orange, dusky pink, and crisp white or a combination of coral orange, aqua blue, and latte white.


A few good bedroom ceiling paint color ideas are golden orange and sky blue or crimson red and black. These two colour bedroom painting combinations can be used for almost every size of the bedroom, be it small or extra-large.


Asian Paints Bedroom Painting Ideas 

While thinking of the bedroom room painting ideas, most people tend to choose Asian Paints. When it comes to bedroom colour ideas, Asian Paints are selected because of their looks, quality, and durability. 


Unlike most other paints, Asian Paints are very cost-effective. They give you the real value of the money that you spend on your paints. Coming back to the bedroom paint color ideas, you can select a number of colour combinations even within Asian Paints as the brand gives you the option of two colour combinations, three colour combinations, and more.


Small Bedroom Painting Ideas

While selecting the bedroom wall design ideas with paint, it is very essential to think about the size of your bedroom. The color combination can actually give the appearance of either a spacious or a compact room. 


While thinking of small bedroom paint ideas, a general rule of thumb is that light colour gives a room an appearance of more space. You can see small bedroom paint ideas pictures to see how light colour like sky blue or whitish can make your bedroom feel more spacious without actually changing the space measurements of your bedroom.


Best Painting Ideas For You By Aapka Painter

While thinking of wall painting ideas for bedroom Indian, there are high chances that you might get overwhelmed with the plethora of colour combination options available in the market. If that is the case with you, Aapka Painter can help you.


We can give you some bedroom paint ideas after a free inspection of your home. Along with wall painting ideas for bedroom, we can also suggest to you what type of paint you should use for your bedroom, and how much is it going to cost you for painting your bedroom and the whole house.


Children Bedroom Painting ideas 

While painting, you must give a good amount of time to thinking of childrens bedroom paint ideas. Actually, the colour combination can affect the mood of your children. Professional painters can give you Kids bedroom paint ideas according to the nature of your kids.

A few examples of creative bedroom painting ideas for kids are using shades of pink colour for instilling calmness, and a sense of comfort, or using red colour for stimulating focus, energizing body, and exciting the mind. These were only a few examples. You can ask your professional painter for more children’s bedroom painting creative ideas.


Top 10 Colour Combinations Ideas For Bedroom By Aapka Painter

It gets easier to think of some bedroom paint ideas when you have a ready-made list at hand. Here is a list of the top 10 wall painting ideas for bedroom:

Burgundy and Beige

Lime Green and Wisely Pink

Indigo and White

Brown and Cream

Lavender and Off-white

Light blue and Radiant Yellow

Different shades of gray

Light brown and Muted Green

Peach and White

Different Shades of Purple

For more beautiful bedroom paint color ideas, you can contact Aapka Painter. We have a catalog of bedroom paint colour with elegant designs that will make your bedroom bloom like a flower.