Wall Painting Ideas

Innovative wall painting ideas are here to change the look of your homes. Create the perfect level of comfort with the most trending home decor ideas!

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Living Room Painting Ideas

The living room is the most important space in your house. It represents your unique style and personality. Using innovative wall painting ideas can be the best way to revamp the look of your living room. You can create an artistic look or something that is simplistic but elegant. By using the right colour combinations, textures, and patterns- you can easily get a striking new look!

living room wall painting design ideas

Bedroom Color Ideas

bedroom painting design color ideas

Bedroom Painting ideas

The bedroom is a personal space that should help you ease down and relax. Use colours that are comforting if you use your bedroom generally to sleep and wind down. You can also use energetic accents to make it livelier during the day while you work. Add details with stencils and textures.

bedroom color ideas

Decorating ideas for bedroom

Use brand new stencils and textures to decorate your beloved bedroom. With our latest nature stencils, ethnic artworks, and heart-warming textures- you can get the most relaxing space that exudes your personality!

decorating ideas for bedroom 1
decorating ideas for bedroom 2

Room Painting ideas

best wall painting ideas for living room

Use modern textures and ombre painting techniques to give a striking effect that is also soothing to the eyes.


Bedroom wall painting design

Wall paintings can be used to create exquisite wallpaper effects for your unique and artistic bedroom. You can use wall arts to highlight the best parts of your room and give a defining effect.

bedroom wall painting design ideas 1
bedroom wall painting design ideas 2

Exterior Painting Ideas

Modern colour combinations can give the perfect new look to your home exteriors. Check out the latest textures in a variety of shades and patterns to match the unique vibe of your home.

house painting ideas 1
house painting ideas 2

Living room & Bedroom wall painting

The best wall art inspirations for your living room and bedroom walls. Create art and elegance with vibrant colours and exciting new patterns.

living room bedroom wall painting ideas 1
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 2
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 3
living room bedroom wall painting ideas 4

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living room wall painting stencil idea

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living room wall painting stencil idea

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living room wall painting stencil idea

Some Beautiful & Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas For Home Decor

Choose some antastic and beautiful wall paintingideas for your living room according to Vastu Shastra which gives a blessed feeling and makes freshness of your mood for relaxation.

Wall painting ideas

One of the truly enjoyable tasks while doing up a house is painting. Most of the younger generation has been inspired by the movie - Wake Up Sid - and the wall painting ideas and fun the group had with their friends. If you are looking to paint your house and seeking guidance, this is where you will find it all!

Stunning & Unique Wall Painting Ideas Online 

There are abundant wall paint design ideas available online on different websites and platforms. Paints in different patterns and stencils can be found and applied with unique wall art painting ideas that you have envisioned for your home. Use the right color combinations from the shade cards and take into consideration the wall paint color ideas to make your dream house possible. Keep a keen eye on the existing ambiance and light in the room before deciding upon the wall painting design. 

Planning the budget for the painting is now easy –use the paint price calculator to plan beforehand for an estimate. Deviate from the old-school ideas towards new wall painting ideas and give a fresh look to your house. 

Simple & Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas for Your Home 

If you are a lover of contemporary styles or something flashy and unique, you will find a plethora of wall painting ideas at your disposal in various textures, stencils, shades, etc. Be at liberty to get creative yourself by adding your wall paint design ideas to the existing ones. 

Wall Painting Ideas for Interior & Exterior 

While painting a house, it is important to take into consideration both the interiors and the exteriors. Based on the placement of each room, you can decide upon the interior paint ideas that would create a spacious and airy effect on the room. The wall painting décor in the interior of the house can differ among rooms but can also be synchronized. For exterior wall paint ideas, you can select colors and paints that would be long-lasting and also waterproof. Colors that complement each other can be chosen for overall house painting ideas for a holistic, durable, and stunning look. 

Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

This room is the most used room in the house and is often the first thing you see once you enter. Not only the family members but also guests are mostly entertained here. Wall painting ideas for the living room, therefore, are often well planned. Most of the other wall painting ideas for home are usually centered around this room. Find an assortment of living room paint ideas to choose from. Revamp the look of this room using classic patterns, textured paints, play with lights and colors, etc. Choosing one wall to be completely different could also be a good idea. 

Wall Painting Ideas for Bedroom

For most people, the bedroom is their sanctuary. This is the room in the house where they feel the most peaceful and relaxed. To be able to decorate and paint the bedroom as per the needs of the occupants would make their experience of living there even better. Use your innovative mind to decide upon the wall painting designs for bedroom and decorate it along with the furniture just the way you like it. Stencils and wall art that is personally meaningful and peaceful to you can be used here from the several options available with the experts at AapkaPainter

Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom

For smaller rooms in the house, the most important aspect would be the painting of the interiors. The need for space is very important these days and smaller bedrooms seem more compact and tight. The paints used and playing with light would go a long way in creating a spacious feel and make the room seem bigger. Moreover, some of the best wall painting ideas can be used here as there is complete liberty and autonomy for creativity. The furniture here can be minimalistic and in tandem with the modern wall painting ideas and overall contemporary look, feel, and ambiance. 

Wall Paint Ideas for Kitchen

For painting the kitchen, one can never run out of creative options. Using a lighter color palette would help the kitchen seem bigger and brighter. Wall painting ideas for the kitchen can be found with ease and one can also go one step ahead and opt for certain wall art designs and related stencils that would match the aesthetic of the kitchen. Textured wall paint ideas would look their best in this room of the house. You can also decide on a darker color shade for the kitchen. The options are plenty. Find styles that suit your house, taste, and style. 

Wall Painting Ideas for Staircase

Some of the most beautiful and pleasing wall paint design ideas can be applied to the stairs. Whether the house is a duplex, bungalow, or an apartment, the staircases can be considered a different aspect of the home and can be painted accordingly. Many people also think about DIY staircase wall painting ideas that would make the process more fun and look more personal. The stairs area can be painted with the same shade as the rest of the house for a continuous look. You can even be a trendsetter and choose a completely unique pattern for this house part. 

Why to Choose Aapka Painter?

This company is famous for some of the best wall painting ideas and partnerships with exclusive and reliable brands like Asian Paints. Not only this but the products and services offered are holistic and take into consideration all the needs of their customers. They have unique and beautiful wall painting ideas for different parts of the house and skilled artisans to carry out the job. The painting assistance, waterproofing services, products, etc all take into account the decided budget limit of their customers. Choosing this trustworthy and authentic company for your painting needs is an ideal choice for great work.