Wall painting ideas for the kids room

For parents there is no greater joy than seeing their children safe, healthy and happy. There’s a lot a parent does to ensure their child grows up in a carefully nurtured environment and has a memorable childhood, full of joy and wonder. The kids room should be their playground as well as their sanctuary of peace. When thinking about what are the best ways to decorate your interior walls, you’ll want to give thoughtful consideration to the environment you’d like to create for your child to blossom. There’s a lot to choose from and striking a balance that works for you and your child is important, so here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Nature – Being around mother nature and her abundant glory is known to create a sense of calm for the human mind. Generous dollops of lush green can give a soothing touch,  but don’t be afraid to get creative with visuals of the favourite birds or animals. If your child loves lions, a majestic mural of the king of the jungle would certainly delight the young one for a long time to come.

Sports – Sports fans are known to be fanatic in their passion for the game and many love to share this joy with their children. The stories of many famous sporting personalities are ones of grit and determination, useful lessons to surround your child with. Colourful portraits of the sportstars you adore can be a source of inspiration and could end up instilling a love of sports as your child grows up.

Science – For the academically inclined, the world of science holds a million wonders. From complex chemical compounds to the beauty of biology, science offers up a stimulating array of colourful visuals and concepts to be explored artistically. If your child already loves the world of science or you’d simply like to introduce them to the wonders that await, a science theme can be a clever choice. 

Astronomy – For as long as man has been able to, he has looked up at the sky and wondered what lies beyond. Children today are growing up in a world where space exploration is set to break all barriers and the starry sky can be a dazzling idea for your kids wall paint. Whether you go for a jet black sky painted across the ceiling with a few twinkling stars, keeping it minimal, or a full blown, grand solar system plastered across the walls, the portraits here could be truly astonishing.

Chalkboard style – For those of us who have toddlers or soon to be toddlers, it’s probably in vain that you’ve tried to stop them scribbling on the walls, day after day. Maybe, it’s a better idea to let the creativity flow freely by handing them the chalk yourself. Then, watch them scribble to their little hearts content on the new chalkboard wall paint you just got done. Who knows what masterpieces could emerge as you watch your child’s imagination come alive.

Superheroes / Cartoon Characters – kids across the globe have one thing in common, they love their cartoons and have a favourite superhero they want to be. Whether it’s the Saturday morning cartoons that have been a constant companion for your kids or the newest summer superhero blockbuster that’s become all the rage today, there’s always a lot to choose from. Pick one or bring home the entire set and fill your child’s room with endless possibilities, it’s up to you.

When considering the various ideas you have for wall paint in your home, your kids room should be geared to be a place that sparks joy and wonder. A space to call their own where memories are made and treasured. You could choose to involve your kids in the ideation or it could just end up being a delightful surprise, there’s a lot of fun to be had here that’s for sure. For more such ideas and a free inspection to discover the universe of possibilities, give us a call today and we’ll be there at every step to guide you. In case you’re looking for a few ideas on how to decorate your interior walls for the bedroom, head on over to this article for an interesting read. wall painting ideas for the bedroom