Wall Painting Ideas and designs for the Patriotic spirit

Wall Painting Ideas for the Patriotic spirit

Patriotism can come out in multiple shades and colours. Every nation has a flag with distinct colours and multiple symbologies that denote the national history and struggle. These colours can have a powerful impact in a space to evoke a sense of national identity and belonging. Here are some ideas that you can use to create your space inspired by the love of your country. These wall painting ideas can be used in schools, classrooms, and other spaces built for national events like Independence Day.

Use the Tricolour

The tricolour or the Tiranga is the ultimate symbol of the nation. There are also other symbols like a national animal (tiger), national flower (lotus), and national bird (peacock) that can be used to create unique wall art. Using the three colours of the flag including saffron, white, and green can have a powerful effect on the viewers. The Ashok Chakra can also be used in itself to evoke the idea of the nation and its history.

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Camouflage wallpaper print

Try wallpapers with national symbols and colours. A camouflage wallpaper can be used inspired by the prints of the Indian army uniform. Soldiers serve the highest privilege of protecting the country from harm. They are highly respected because of their selfless sacrifices devoted to the country. One can pay homage to them with camouflage wall paint or wallpaper. You can also use stencils to create prints and colour patterns on the walls.

Freedom fighters wall art

The Indian freedom struggle has seen multiple freedom fighters in the fight for independence. Inspiring icons like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Sarojini Naidu and many others have inspired many generations because of their bravery and servitude to the nation. They have dedicated their lives to the development of the nation. We can create wall arts to pay our tributes to these icons. They will always instil motivation for us to keep working hard for the progress of the nation.

Use symbols of regional culture

The nation is comprised of many regions, languages, and local cultures. These different components of the nation can be depicted by patterns, symbols, and bright colours on walls. For example, you can use South Indian symbols in your walls to denote love for the culture and also beautify your space. Similarly, regional deities can depict love for tradition as well as the nation.

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Colours and patterns are always associated with strong emotions. They can also denote history for us who have grown up watching these colours symbolize the nation. Decorate your walls with these painting ideas and evoke the idea towards love and passion for the country. It is the nation that stands with every citizen in dire crisis and hence, one must always pay respect to this entity.

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