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How can home painting protect your home from germs?

Home painting is the best way to protect your home from germs and bacteria. Many people try to get regular paint jobs to get a complete clean-up of the space on festive occasions like Diwali and Christmas. It is a great way to give a refreshing look to your home according to the seasons and also clear away any dirt, bacteria and germs that may have been infesting the corners of your home. 

At a post-pandemic time, it is very important for every house owner to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection to avoid any kind of infection of virus and bacteria. However, there are many other methods that you should use to ensure a long-lasting paint job that will also ensure full safety from germs.

Using proper putty and primer

Preparing the wall surfaces before painting is a very crucial step to ensure a hassle free painting process. It is also necessary because these layers of putty and primer provide an extra layer of protection for your walls against seepage, cracks, and mold growths. Dampness and humidity can be the biggest enemies of your walls. You must use extra precautions to fights these unavoidable problems. 

Apply waterproof coating

Another excellent way to protect your walls is by applying a waterproof coating on your walls. It can be applied on your walls before beginning the painting process and also after the painting is dried up depending on the type of surface. External walls must definitely be doubly coated with waterproofing products to provide protection against rain and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Waterproofing is very important for the basement, bathroom, and terraces.

Basements are the foundational structure of the building and they are always prone to seepages caused by underground water. A powerful waterproof coating can ensure long-lasting integrity in the structure. The bathroom is always prone to dampness and humidity that can lead to germs growing easily. The waterproof coating ensures that the walls remain unaffected by humidity and hence, remain clean and beautiful. Terrace waterproofing is used to prevent seepage due to rain and also cracks caused by heat. Waterproofing also regulates the temperature inside the house in hot seasons.

Take care of high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas like the living room and kitchens are occupied by several people. These areas are prone to multiple stains caused due to frequent touching, and other factors. Hence, the walls are exposed to a lot of dirt and germs. These areas should be painted with waterproof paint that is stain-resistant and washable as well. You may also use a waterproof coating after standard quality paint to make the wall washable and easy to maintain. Waterproof walls are very easy to clean with mop and detergent. The paint always remains fresh and beautiful to look at.

Regular cleaning and disinfection

After ensuring that you have taken all the necessary steps while getting your home painted, you should always take out the time to do a full clean-up. You can do it yourself with family members or hire some professional cleaners once in six months or so to do a full cleanup. You must also check the exterior walls for any damages or mould growths that may crop up and remove any infestation before they grow into a series of problems. 

Home painting

Home painting is a perfect way to remove germs and dirt from your home. However, you must also take steps in the long term to make maintenance and cleaning easier. The above steps will ensure that you home clean and sanitized at all times.

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