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Importance of Home Painting in Diwali – Diwali painting

The festival of lights and squeaky cleanliness- that’s what Diwali is all about. This amazing festival has a great story behind it and every year, it invokes homeowners to clean their homes for a good cause. Diwali is the perfect opportunity to give your home a brand new look. This is the occasion to celebrate good over evil and having a refreshing home to welcome guests is truly a reward. 

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Why paint home on Diwali?

The traditional Hindu festival has a strong story behind it as many of us as aware. The triumph of good over evil is celebrated by decorating the homes with lights. It’s a beautiful festival of light that is celebrated in many countries now apart from India. Hindus clean their homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and bless them with good fortune and happiness. 

When you want to light up every corner of your house with beautiful lights, the corners should be glowing with beauty and not dust. Therefore, it is an important tradition and definitely, gives the perfect opportunity to revamp your space. Diwali gives you a chance to inspect your house completely from interiors to exteriors and remove any dust, bacteria, and fungus that must have been collected throughout the year. Prepare for this amazing festival by making your home beautiful. 

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Steps for Diwali painting

Home painting can always be a huge process from getting the right colours to getting them right on your walls. Follow this step-by-step guide to get the best out of this occasion.

Step 1- Complete house inspection

Perform a full house inspection to find out the extent of the damage in the house. You may find certain faults in your walls. Patchy walls and cracks are commonly noticed after monsoons. Mould growths can also occur in bathrooms and kitchens. Diwali generally follows the monsoon season. It is the beginning of winter and hence, the weather is excellent for getting homes painted. 

But you may not necessarily need a full home painting. If you have recently constructed your home or if the walls are in a good state, you can skip the process of home painting and instead get a full cleaning done. However, you may want new colours for your living room or walls that give a more festive vibe. For that, you can get the best stencils and textures with the advice of colour consultants from Aapka Painter.

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Step 2- Colour consultants for top-notch shades

The colours of your house can completely determine the vibe and home decor. Colours are the most important thing in home painting and there have been many recent trends that can make your home glow with festive energy. Use the expertise of colour consultants to get the best colours for your homes. It can be green, blue, red, or purple- any colour can be festive if used in the right way. The colour combination depends on many factors like the light in the space and the overall dimensions of the house. The home decor including furniture, curtains, and tiles can make a huge difference. The colour consultant gives you the best suggestions with the most viable options.

Step 3- Don’t forget to prep your walls

Before you begin the process of wall painting, your walls must be well prepped. This is important so that your walls remain smooth and beautiful throughout the next year and even longer. Cracks and patchy walls must be mended. The previous paint must be scraped off if they are peeling off the walls. Using the right primer and putty is absolutely essential for the long life of walls. Also, be careful of choosing the right type of base depending on the finish of the paint that you have decided to apply.

Step 4- Waterproofing

Waterproofing is often ignored while home construction and home painting. However, this is the most definite cause of all the problems you face during monsoons and even summers. The humidity and heat affect your walls badly. They cause cracks, patches, and mould growths. Bathroom seepage and roof leakages are also noticed during monsoons.

Therefore, you must get your walls, rooftops, and basement fully waterproofed before and after painting. Get the latest technology of waterproofing products and methods with Aapka Painter and their expert team. You can get home painting with waterproofing with minimum hassle according to your budget.

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Tips to note

Here are some extra tips that you can note to make your home more festive and delightful.

  • Use textures and stencils for accent walls. Textures give a great elegant look rather than plain walls. Stencils are the best way to add creativity to your walls. You can add elements like floral motifs, diyas, mandalas, and traditional art to your walls. Stencil art can also be used to give a wallpaper effect on the walls. Use metallic paints for an extra luxurious look.
  • Get different paint finishes or different rooms. This is an important tip if you want to save on your budget. Use high sheen paints for high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. They are easy to clean and long-lasting. For low-traffic areas like ceilings- you can use matt finish paints that are more economical.
  • Try wall arts for a creative and grandiose look. Mandala artworks and elaborate motif work can instantly glamorize your rooms and make your space look more attractive. 
  • Don’t forget your wooden and metallic surfaces. Get them painted or polished along with your walls to give them an extra shine and complement the look of your homes. 

Colour Combinations for this Diwali festive season

Diwali is an amazing festival that unites people across families, communities, and even nations. Make this a wonderful occasion to jazz up your homes. Celebrate it cheerfully with your families and loved ones in your delightful house. The Aapka Painter team gives you a plethora of designs, colours, and ideas to choose from for your Diwali renovation. Get all your painting and waterproofing solutions in one spot. Enjoy a hassle-free Diwali painting with Aapka Painter.

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