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DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home decor doesn’t have to be necessarily about expensive lamps and imported furniture. Creativity can also come flying at your door with these simple DIY ideas. There are plenty of ways in which you can use the things that are easily available. It’s all about thinking out of the box to create a space that is fresh and inviting. Here are some creative tips and ideas.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery consists of a collection of different photo frames and wall paintings. It can be a personal corner with your favourite photos of trips and friends. It can also be a creative corner with canvas art and framed paintings. You can make it colourful or stick to a fixed colour scheme for more effect. It can be an excellent way to create a catchy accent wall that also showcases your personality.

Inspire Creative Living

Using fairy lights

Fairy lights are cheap but they can always transform the vibe of space with smart usage. They are easily available and very versatile. There are also a variety of colours available. You can spread the fairy lights across an entire wall or use them woven in clusters. You can put them around your bedpost, mirrors, or cupboards. It can instantly transform the space into a warm, cosy space.

Use a chalkboard

Having a chalkboard in your space can be a great idea. It can be very functional and yet add an aesthetic value. There are numerous ways that you can use it- to create wall arts along with making lists for grocery. It can be a fun element to add to an office space that can also be used as an inspiration board. You can also use it in your kid’s room so that they have a space to draw with full freedom.

Hand-woven wall hangings

There are multiple ways that you can create wall hangings and hand-woven methods have become very popular. Macrame wall hangings can easily be made and they are beautiful to look at. You can add your own colours, beads, and threads. Woven wall hangings are very minimalistic and elegant to look at.

Having indoor plants

Having home plants are probably the simplest way to add beauty to your space. A variety of house plants are available online that are easy to maintain with minimum lighting conditions. You can get small succulents or hanging climbers. These leafy, green beauties also come in colourful plants. You can also use mugs and glass bottles to grow plants. Keep these plants on your table, bookshelves, or bedside table.

These are a few home decor ideas that can be done by anyone. You may not be looking for home painting but these simple tricks can instantly add value to your home and also we can also get the best colours for your homes with Aapka Painter, India’s trusted home painting professional. You can get a variety of home decor ideas and modern ways to enhance your space with us.