Creative Ideas for the Decoration of Colorful Diya This Diwali 2019

Diwali is also acknowledged as ‘Deepavali.’ The name means the festival of lights. The festival of lights is recognized for its lively decorations, the bliss, and the exhilaration it brings along with it. A significant part of Diwali celebrations is the assortment of colorful diyas, candles, as well as electric lights that make our homes brighter and help create a joyful mood for the occasion.

Finally, the splendid festival of lights is near, and the preparations have commenced by now. You can feel the upbeat vibes in the markets and streets. So are you all set to light up your houses, verandahs, and streets with colorful diyas, this Diwali?

Diya coloring Image ideas- Diya Decoration at Home

In Diwali, the most excellent and the eco-friendly means to beautify the house is by diyas. Not just diyas will lighten up your house but also profit local artists who toil hard to create diyas. You can buy diyas from them, and by using your imagination and ingenuity, you can innovate the diyas into something stunning and captivating. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Diwali is incomplete without lots of Diyas in and about your home! A part of this stature and significance can’t be overlooked at any cost. So, here’s some muse for Diya coloring and decoration. So wear your imaginative hats and make the most of your skill store and creative armory to beautify your house with glowing Diyas this festive season.

Big Diya Decoration- Delightful Diya in Different colors

From being an essential part of Laxmi Pooja to enhancing the splendor of Rangoli, the symbolic presence of Big Diyas completes the Diwali Experience. These are the most conventional types of Diwali diyas. These diyas can be painted in more than a few colors and adorned with beads to make them look attractive. Sweet-smelling dried flowers can also be used to beautify big Diwali diyas. Add-ons like mirror work and zaris make these diyas appear stimulating and exciting indeed.

Diwali Diya Painting- Diya that provides prosperity this Diwali 2019

Nothing can beat the happiness of purchasing diyas from the side of the street side, painting them in pretty and attractive colors like Red, Blue, Gold, and more. You can choose your preferred diya color shades and let your imagination flow. Painting the inside of the diya with one color, and then painting the outside with a contrasting color would turn out to be an incredible idea. You can make use of parallel diya colors like red and orange, as well. But, with a complementary diya color, you get a more attention-grabbing effect. Secondly, you must immerse the rim of a toothpick in gold paint, and spread it on edge. 

Beautiful Diya Design- Diwali Wishes with Diya and Rangoli patterns

You can paint four diyas by making use of the acrylic color of your preference. After that, you should place these diyas around a point to create a flower-like display. Paint supplementary diyas to create different flower-Diya patterns and put them at unique corners of your residence. Moreover, Rangolis get a bonus appeal in the Diwali season as there are more than a few choices to emphasize the loveliness of those vibrant patterns of Rangoli. This Diwali, you can make use of candles and diyas around your Rangoli to complement its design patterns.

Simple Diya Decoration- how to decorate Diya with Beads

This design is tremendously easy to create and for a good reason. You can make them in bulk and add them to the gifts to be used on the D-days or for holding long candles. Here is how to decorate diyas with Beads:

  • Begin by painting the Diya entirely using a block color like red, orange, gold, silver, and the like. To obtain the best possible outcome, you can add two coats of your favorite paint color. This will wrap up the cracks and edges, as well.
  • After the paint color has dried, you need to spread a coat of adhesive on the edge of the diya and paste the beads on top of it. It’s better to go bit by bit, at a snail’s pace, in smaller parts to make them look orderly.

Diya Decoration Peacock And More Figures

You can find multiple designer colorful diyas in the market with ethnic artwork, each handcrafted wonderfully, and representing various designs including peacock, conch-shell patterns as well as floral motifs. Swastika rangolis, as well as zariwork, add to the exquisiteness and elegance of these diyas. These diyas may be multicolored bowl lamps with beautiful figures set to the bowl’s rim above the oil. Or else, these colorful diyas could be bent like different stunning figures with an oil-filled container. More often than not, these figure diyas are made up of brass. The legendary figures may be golden or silver in color.

How to make Diya with waste Material- Waste Recycling by Diya Design

You can give your diyas a traditional and gorgeous appearance by adding some sparkle to them by using some waste material present in your homes. Take some adhesive on a thick brush and spread it consistently on your diya. Now intersperse glitter powder consistently on the diya before the adhesive dries. Let the diya to dry for some time. Make use of sparkle glue and make some natural patterns using waste materials either inside or on the edges of the diyas. Let the sparkle glue dry.

Furthermore, you can apply adhesive along the edge of the colorful Diya and stick white, colored stones, bindis, or kundans. You can use more than a few colored stones to make it more eye-catching. These glinting bright diyas will undoubtedly add an exceptional twinkle to your Diwali home decoration.

Not just lights, the festival of Diwali is about diyas as well as candles that brighten and lighten your homes and helps in structuring a cheerful mood. So, enhance the magnificence of your house this Diwali by trying out these colorful Diya decoration ideas. You can go for any of the above choices when it comes to decorating colorful diyas that can embellish your house and make it look spectacular.