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What is it, that is without colour. Colours instantly add the required spark to our homes. And science says, colours have the power to affect our mood. While all of us have personal favourites, there is a science behind why we are attracted to certain colours. In this section, it is all about colours. Read on and master the art of choosing the perfect colours for your homes and spaces.


7 Ways To Pick Up The Right Colors For Your New Home

One of the biggest achievements in today’s world is to own a house. Once you own one, the next big step is to decide on the colors that match your needs exactly the way you want. These simple tricks will make picking up the right colors simple. 1. Start Small If you are unsure about […]

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Cuddle Up with Colors

Can colors stimulate you to cuddle with your loved ones? Indeed. We bring you a series of colors that will make you want to snuggle up and feel the most comfortable in your room, in your space. With a white ceiling added to these colors to the walls, you space is good to go! Dulux […]

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Vastu and Home Colors

Indians have long relied on the ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra. Science of  colours too have a vastu element to it. Colors influence our mind and soul thereby enhancing the ability to take decisions carefully. Home is where the heart is. Home colors should help you pacify, stimulate mood, give good health and make you […]

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Paint Magic : Use colours to change the size of your room

Color is the least expensive way to remodel a room to fit any lifestyle. As we use color it is important to understand it’s subtle yet fundamental in designing the space of the room. Certain colors can make your room look bigger or smaller than it actually is. In space starved cities it is important […]

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7 Common Color Mistakes That People Make

Even with the best intentions, sometimes colour can go wrong for your apartment. People do a lot of research before choosing a colour but not every time it proves to be a success.Read on some of the most common colour mistakes most people make and try and avoid them! 1. Ignoring Lights Lights can make […]

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Understanding Colours

Colors have the immense capacity to change your mood. Different colors have different effect on your moods, your thoughts, even your eating habits. If it surprises you, try changing the color of your kitchen or even your bedroom and see the difference. Let’s define some of them to make our choice of colors a fruitful […]

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Colour Your Home Happy

Happiness can be easily associated with colors. Psychologists believe that certain color stimulates your brain which automatically releases happy hormones. So is the effect when you paint your house with these happy colors. With jobs and families that demands timely attention,choosing the right color for your home can ensure a happy environment for you and […]

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