Understanding Colours

Colors have the immense capacity to change your mood. Different colors have different effect on your moods, your thoughts, even your eating habits. If it surprises you, try changing the color of your kitchen or even your bedroom and see the difference.

Let’s define some of them to make our choice of colors a fruitful choice.


Brown is associated with anything pleasant like chocolates, cakes, coffee. Even looking at them, comforts our vision. It’s also the color of mother earth which gives a sense of stability and security.  Using this color gives a house a rustic feeling and the associated warmth and comfort.

Yellow brings bright and optimistic feel to your home. It depicts sunshine and automatically takes you to a happy mood.




The presence of White gives a very refreshing, pure and airy psychological effect. It also makes your room bigger than what it is. You can use white in combination with the other subtle colors to emphasize on them as well highlight the particular area or room of your house.


Red color can have both effects on your health. It can ignite passion in your family relationship however on the flip side it can increase your heart rate. So choose according to your preference.

Colors have the capacity to

calm your nerves or even ignite aggressiveness in your behavior.So choosing the right color can help you gain some control on your ever changing environment.