Cuddle Up with Colors

Can colors stimulate you to cuddle with your loved ones? Indeed. We bring you a series of colors that will make you want to snuggle up and feel the most comfortable in your room, in your space.

With a white ceiling added to these colors to the walls, you space is good to go!

Dulux Signal Red

Red is definitely the color of love, passion and romance. But the Signal Red color of Dulux is just outstanding, setting the mood with a more rustic feel. It gives a more mature look to your space. With some wooden furniture and lamps, your room is all set!

Sherwin Williams Humble Gold

This color is a perfect blend of red, yellow, pink and gold that gives the little blush to your room.It automatically warms and ornaments your room.

Sherwin Williams Rainstorm

Paint this deep blue green color that makes you feel restful. Although it gives an ancient feeling but it gives your room a cozy look. The best part of this color is a variety of furniture works with this.

Berger Sunwashed Terracotta

This color is a true tangerine orange. It looks old, rich and warm. The room glows automatically.Pair it with some nice velvet sofa and some nice rug to bring out its effect.


Nerolac Conifer

Cozy colors are dark colors. This color has the green color with a hint of blue in it. Pair it with wooden furniture that will just add to the coziness of this color.

Dulux Moniterey Cliffs

A room painted with this espresso brown color gives you a very intimate feeling. The best feature of this color is that it works best with every other color.