Colors for Cute Grand Moms and Pops

Designing and coloring for the elderly requires more than just planning. We need to genuinely care for them to suit their needs. Old age brings with it some inevitable problems. With the right colors, there lies a sense of warmth and comfort.

Green is a color that gives a sense of new life and new beginnings.Blue soothes and instills confidence.

Green and Blue together make the natural choices for bedroom because they create a sense of tranquility.

Brighter colors like Orange or Red can be used in dining hall as they can stimulate eating and conversation.Elders love to hear out and be heard too.

Yellow is supposed to stimulate memory. A great option for the bedroom walls.

Becoming old can bring a sense of loneliness and fear so decorating with elderly in mind needs to address the specific needs of warmth, security and harmony.

Lavender mauve and violets connect to the spiritual well being.

Old age has its own set of challenges and dealing with them with the help of colors is one of the most exciting ways. Focus on the feeling. Choose the colors that bring love to your loved ones. Experiment a little with your imagination to get that perfect room for your elderly!