The Charm of Calligraphy on Walls – Wall painting

The Charm of Calligraphy on Walls

Calligraphy art is creative and fun. The art of lettering by hand is a very old practice and it requires skill and art. Calligraphy on walls gives a unique and refreshing look to your walls. It can give an eclectic look to your space and inspire more creativity. Spaces that require creative work can use calligraphy to invoke the imagination. Popular quotes and phrases are often used in calligraphy art. Here are some examples of how you can use them in your space-

Calligraphy for Kid’s room

Using calligraphy art for your kid’s room can be an excellent way to inspire their creativity. Funny and smart quotes that are educative will make them more curious about things. You can pick a topic that your child really likes and use it to create vibrant wall art. For a toddler, you may use numbers and alphabets or small words that can be easily read by them. You can also put their names on walls to give them a special feeling. 

Calligraphy for schools

Schools are creative and educational spaces that can use calligraphy art exceptionally well. Depending on the age of students and their subjects, there are a variety of options that you can use. You can use quotes from famous people who are inspirations for young children. These can be used in every classroom or the hallways so that the children can always look forward to a moment of inspiration.

Calligraphy for Workspaces

For offices and workspaces, calligraphy art can be a great way to instill inspiration for everyone.  A great workspace with good decor is a place that inspires workers and helps them be more productive. The calligraphy artworks can be used to highlight the brand values or a spirit of teamwork. Any quote relevant to the work can be used. Even if it’s a home workspace, a simple quote on your wall can help you act faster and more proactively.

Image by Aapka Painter

Calligraphy for stores

If you have a retail store and want to create a visually refreshing look, you must try this . Any kind of store- whether you sell books, or clothes, or shoes, can be related to an inspiring quote or idea. Or maybe you can use a funny quote that can help your customers filled with dilemmas to make faster decisions. Featured image domestika


There are many art forms that can be adapted for walls. They not only give a refreshing twist to your home decor but always have a great message to communicate. Depending on the vibe and purpose of your space- you can use calligraphy in a variety of ways. You can use different languages and colours to communicate your message. The power of words can be truly amazing if put into walls.

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