House Painting Your Home Safely during COVID-19 by Aapkapainter

House Painting in Covid Crisis

The current crisis of Covid-19 has reached each and every family of India. We are all being affected if not directly, then by indirect impacts. It is a difficult time for all of us and as we stick to our homes, we can maintain hope and optimism by adding beautiful shades to our walls and rooms. Revamping your personal space can be a brilliant way to experience a change that can refresh your moods. really difficult to House painting in this crisis.

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shade cards

There are multiple reasons why you can consider home painting during Covid. Maybe, you just want a full clean-up of the house that has been due for a long. It could be due to a festival that is coming up or a family event that you have been looking forward to. Of course, you are expected not to have guests- but who said having a home renovation is all about showing off to guests?

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You may just want to vibe up your space with trendy colors that you checked out in your favorite home decor magazine or you just want to spice up your living room with a brand new accent wall. There can be endless reasons to want to have new walls. At the end of the day, bright and beautiful colors can beat the mental fog that we have been having for days sitting at home isolated away from the world.

It is a great decision for house painting in this state but one should definitely prioritize the health and wellness of yourself and your family. Choose companies and organizations that can offer the best service along with maximum safety. You can research online to find out contractors and services that can provide you house painting services during the times of Covid.

Covid19 – House painting by Aapkapainters

Many of us can be discouraged because many contractors can stop services due to lockdown or general procedures depending on the city. However, you should look up the nearest services that can offer you beautiful walls along with a healthy environment. You should go through their Covid-19 guidelines and make sure that they are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the infection.

Aapka Painter is delighted to provide all our services during Covid along with full safety precautions. We have made a set of guidelines for our office staff as well as on-site painters which are to be strictly followed under the current circumstances. You shall get all our premium services from the site visit and color consultancy to the final painting job.

Our team has worked day and night to create a new system of working that will ensure the safety of the workers as well as clients. We have created a new system in which we can provide all our services without any compromise on health.

Aapka Painters uses online methods like WhatsApp messages, online forms, and apps to avoid face-to-face interactions with clients. We are fully cooperative in calls and messages where the clients can get all the details about services before the commencement of the project and also during the entire work on site.

On our app, you can get all the cost estimates of the different services including painting, texture, and stencil work. You can also get details of waterproofing services. All the payments are done online.The color consultancy also works online to help you decide the best color scheme and designs for the house paintingFull distancing protocols are followed. Our painters use private vehicles to travel to the project site. Painters’ background health status according to location is verified, Painters from containment zones are not allowed to work.

A distance of one meter has to be followed in all situations. Distancing protocols are followed in the house if it is occupied. The painters work in the room and sanitize it before leaving.

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Complete sanitization is done after the day’s task is completed. Health details of the painters are also shared on messages after they are checked in the main Hub. No public transportation is used and the painters are not permitted to stop at any public space before reaching the site of work. If there is a lockdown in your city, the work shall be ensured according to the safety guidelines of the location depending on the comfort of the clients and their neighbors.

We won’t continue work in such locations where there are high numbers of cases to avoid the transmission of Covid-19.We provide fast service and flexible schedules that can be easily managed by our dedicated representatives. Moreover, we show our maximum concern for the client and ensure that their safety is always prioritized.

All our premium services are available for the clients. We provide a range of house painting services including interior and exterior painting and have waterproofing services. We use high-quality products that are washable and stain-resistant. A variety of products and brands are available according to the needs of the client.

You can choose among a huge number of shades, textures, and patterns. Follow the latest trends to decide your home decor and give a beautiful uplift. A home revamp can be very therapeutic in these tough times and we hope to provide you a memorable experience with our smooth and hassle-free house painting services.