Different Painting Tools (Part 3)

Painting a house is a huge job and it requires the help of different painting tools to carry out the job perfectly. Using the right tool to at right place increases the durability of your painting job. Below are the painting tools which are necessary to perform a painting job.

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Masking Tape

Masking tapes are of the tear paper material and can release pressure sensitive adhesive. They are available in various sizes and cover the areas that don’t require painting.


Sand Paper

Sandpaper removes the paint from the surface to level it and smooth it. Choosing the correct sandpaper grit is very important for a perfect sanding job.  The degree of coarseness of a sandpaper directly influences the removal of paint. Sandpaper of incorrect grit may remove more/less paint and can also harm the underneath paint coating.

sand paper

Sanding Tools

Sanding tools work with sandpaper to achieve the perfectly smooth surface for painting. Palm sanders do lighter sanding jobs. Orbit sand through old paint coats. A pole sander sands walls and ceilings.


Caulking Tools

Caulking gun and/or a squeeze tube is used to remove to water-based caulks. A spoon or putty knife is used to apply silicone and polyurethane caulk.



Sponges clean up the wall and also adds a unique texture to the wall by sponging technique. Painting with Sponging technique is easy and it adds value to a plain wall.



Gloves are essential in carrying a painting job. They protect your skin while doing the scraping, sanding, different kind of paints and chemicals.


Cleaners, Clean up bags, trash cans

Paint cleaners remove paint spots and unwanted paint from the surface.  Clean up bags and trash cans are used for cleaning of the paint waste.

dust bin

Appropriate Clothing

Painter’s clothing is different from regular clothing.

painter's clothes

Safety Equipment- Respirators and Eyewear

Paints have a very intense smell and small particles, a respirator/ an anti-dust mask, and an eyewear are necessary for lung and eye protection respectively from the smell and small dust particles.







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