Different Painting Tools (Part 2)

Painting a house is a huge job and it requires the help of different painting tools to carry out the job perfectly. Using the right tool to at right place increases the durability of your painting job. Below are the painting tools which are necessary to perform a painting job.

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Paint rollers do the perfect job in less time as in comparison to the paint brushes.  Rollers are  useful while painting large and flat wall surfaces and ceilings.  Rollers usually come in width between 4-18 inches. Most common sizes to paint the flat surfaces are 7-9 inches.


Roller Covers

Paint Roller covers are made up of both natural and synthetic fibers (Polyester). They come in a variety of nap lengths which typically ranges from 3/16 to 1-1/2 inches. Natural paints absorb and release the paint easily which make the paint job easier but they are susceptible to matting. On the other hand, synthetic fibers have resistance formatting but they are not easy as natural fibers for paint application.


Roller Tray

Roller trays come in various shapes and sizes depending on the amount of paint the needs to be carried. Once the roller is dipped in the paint is rolled over the long shallow part of the tray a few times to get off the dripping paint so it won’t fall down while painting.


Roller Kit 

A roller kit usually contains roller tray, roller cover, roller frame, paint brush. A roller kit is very useful to perform a routine paint job.

source: www.lowes.com

source: www.lowes.com

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer pumps paint at around 3000psi, through a tiny hole.  A paint sprayer simplifies the painting job and requires lesser timing for painting than a roller and/or paint brush. It gives a  smooth finish.

source: www.jmldirect.com

source: www.jmldirect.com

Paint Pads 

Paint pads usually rectangular foam covered with short bristles and comes with an easy to hold back handle. They come in different sizes. Paint pads are easy to use and give an even finish.

source: www.lowes.com

source: www.lowes.com

Drop Cloth

Painter’s drop cloths are different than the ordinary drop cloth as they are made up of canvas material and it is reusable. Drop cloth comes in different grades, depends upon the density of canvas that is used. The canvas material makes it eligible for machine washing and with proper care it can last for years to come.


drop cloth

Plastic Sheeting

Floor and furniture are covered with the help of plastic sheeting so that it won’t get spoiled with the paint drops.

 source: www.alibaba.com

source: www.alibaba.com

Masking Film/Paper

Masking tape is used to cover windows or areas which are not being painted while doing the paint spraying.

source: www.toolstation.com

source: www.toolstation.com

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