Different Painting Tools (Part 1)

Painting a house is a huge job and it requires the help of different painting tools to carry out the job perfectly. Using the right tool to at right place increases the durability of your painting job. Below are the painting tools which are necessary to perform a painting job.

Softening Brush

Softening brush is smooth and made up of very fine bristle fibers. It removes any hard paint lines.

source: ebay.com

source: ebay.com

Extension Brush 

Extension brush helps paint the surfaces like ceiling corners, top of the windows and doors, which are not easily reachable.

source: www.lowes.com

source: www.lowes.com

Stencil Brush 

Stencil brushes apply paint over stencils. Stencils paint design gives a plain wall a beautiful look.

source: http://www.anza.co.uk

source: http://www.anza.co.uk

Bristle Brush

There are two types of Bristle brushes. One is Natural Bristle Brushes which are made up of animal hair and another is synthetic bristle brushes which are made up of synthetic fiber. Natural bristle brushes are better than synthetic bristle brushes with water-based latex paint. Water makes synthetic bristle stiff.


Dusting Brush 

Dusting Brush helps in surface preparation by removing debris from a surface and make it even.

source: http://www.toolstation.com

source: http://www.toolstation.com


Fitches are used in painting a straight line or line painting. Angled fitches give a perfectly straight line.



A house painting job cannot be performed without the use of ladders. There are three types of ladders depends upon the material they are made up of- wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Aluminum ladders are very famous among painters it is safe to use and effective in doing the house painting job.


Extension Poles 

An extension pole consists of still or fiber material. It extends the reach of a roller or a paint brush.



Paint Scrapper

Paint Scrapper is necessary for surface preparation prior priming and painting. Stout scrapper has 2 ½ to 3-inch sharp blade which removes a large amount of loose painting. Smaller scrappers with the blade size of 1 inch remove loose paint in small areas and tiny corners.


Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket is crucial while to doing a painting job as it is useful in carrying paint from one place to the other.


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