Wall painting ideas for your bedroom

If there ever was a space that you’d call completely your own, the bedroom is that home within your house. It’s where you finally lay your head to rest at the end of a long day’s work, it’s your fortress of solitude. That’s why, it’s important you think about the kind of environment you want to create for yourself that sets your mind at ease. While the furniture you choose and the upholstery you select certainly plays a pivotal role in creating the desired setting, the wall paint you select can make a world of a difference to how you feel in this personal space. Your bedroom is where you get to be yourself and the choice of wall paint should resonate with your personality. So, let’s take a look at a few ideas for wall painting for your bedroom that could help you decide which way to go.

Black Beauty – Black is a strong colour and should be used sparingly as it can be overpowering to say the least. Symbolic of elegance with a premium feel, if you go for black wall paint you’re certainly the mysterious one.

White’s just right – Pure and innocent, white and the various shades it comes in are the safest bet when thinking about colour combinations or potential contrasts. Keeping things light and breezy, white wall paint accentuates your existing environment, bringing it alive.

Red-dy or not – Known for action and adventure, red is a bold choice that makes sure there’s never a dull moment. Driven and passionate, red is the colour for the curious and playful amongst us. 

Royal Purple- Luxurious and lavish, purple brings the plush life to your bedroom walls. Popular amongst the monarchs of old, the right dash of purple wall paint can elevate your space giving it an elite touch.

Blue for you – One of the most popular choices across the globe, blue has always captured our hearts. Creating a feeling of peace and tranquility in the surroundings, blue has meant a sense of calm. If blue is your choice of wall paint then trust is one of the most important elements in your equation of life.

Go Green – Sometimes misconstrued as only possible to mean the colour of jealousy, green can have a soothing effect as well. Lush green pastures are mother nature’s therapy for the weary soul and your bedroom wall paint can reflect its essence in shades of glorious green.

Hello Yellow – Joyful and optimistic, yellow is the brightest bet. One of the central colours for an empathetic mind, if you love yellow then your heart can barely contain the love you feel for the world around you. Friendly and fun, yellow is that ray of sunshine you’ve always wanted to surround yourself with, so here’s your chance.

Orange you glad – Brimming with enthusiasm and energy, orange is the colour of vibrancy and a radiant glow. Known to bring good luck, Orange can be the colour of choice for those that consider themselves a perfect blend.

This rainbow of colours are just the start as you go about exploring the possibilities of wall paint ideas for your bedroom. For the adventurous amongst us, there’s a lot more than colours you could choose from to adorn your bedroom walls. From patterns to murals, graphics to modern art there’s different strokes for different folks. As you think about what are the best ways to decorate your interior walls in the bedroom, give us a call for a free consultation and inspection to get you started.