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As we go about our business here at AapkaPainter, every once in a while an experience comes along that reminds us why we love what we do so much. In this post, we’d like to share one such customer story that started with a few random ideas and then came together to deliver a piece of art that brought joy to both the customer and our team that worked on the Unique Wall Painting Ideas project

We were contacted by a lady who was the proud mother of a six year old daughter, whom she considered a budding artist. She really wanted to do something special for her daughter and create something magical and inspirational. She came to us with a few rough ideas in mind but did not know how to bring it all together. First, she told us about how much her daughter loves art and how she’s always drawing and painting at school. She told us she wanted to encourage her daughter’s love for art and for this she thought it would be a good idea to upgrade her home painting decor to include a mural in her daughter’s room. We agreed wholeheartedly and were thrilled for the creative challenge that was thrown our way.  So, with that brief in mind, we asked her to share a few references with us about what kind of artwork she had in mind. There were a few things she knew she wanted to include, such as the presence of nature and a few cartoon characters to liven up the artwork. Here are a few of the references we got.

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She clearly had a tree in mind and wanted it to be central to the theme. The cartoon characters make the entire home painting a colorful visual delight and we really enjoyed going through the references shared. Here’s another one that came our way shortly after the first set.

With these references in our mind, we got a sense of the kind of cartoon characters the client was interested in, as well as the infusion of nature she was looking for. One of the key goals we had in mind for this was to create a piece of art that would inspire the little one to keep drawing and painting.  Armed with these references and a few brainstorming sessions with our client, we came up with a lovely idea of how we could address the primary goal. Instead of having all the paintings that her daughter brings home and stacks up in storage gather dust, we would display them with pride as an integral piece of the mural artwork.

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Now, with all the pieces in place, we were ready to bring in our artist and get to work. The artist went through all the references shared and spent some time speaking with the client to further understand what her vision was. Then, it was time to begin the artwork. To kick things off, we decided it was prudent to create the artwork on a small piece of chart paper, to give a sense of what the illustration would look like. Here’s what we came up with Unique Wall Painting Ideas.

We’re glad to say that the sketch was well received,  but it was still a little difficult for her to visualise what it would look like on the wall. So, we decided to proceed and create the outline of the sketch using a chalk piece, giving it some life on the wall. Our artist began his work at ten in the morning and what we thought would be just a few hours of work, ended up going on till twelve midnight. In the course of this day, something magical happened. Initially, we thought our artist would be left alone to do his work but boy were we wrong. As the mural started to come to life, each and every member of the family came by to admire the work and share their appreciation for what was being done. Last but not least, the young daughter for whom this was being done, stayed up well past her bedtime to accompany the artist and watch the masterpiece come to life. One of the most enjoyable elements of the mural for her was the fact that her own artwork would be displayed as a central piece, in the empty squares created for that very purpose. The laughter and joy we were able to bring to the little one’s day was a reward we will always cherish.  After a hard day’s work, both the client and our team were able to sit back and admire the piece of art that now adorns the little one’s bedroom wall Unique Wall Painting Ideas.

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Just like this, we at Aapka painter are proud to be able to bring the vision of our customers to life. We’re happy to say that our work in this clients house was so popular with the family, we ended up getting referrals from many other families in the same building and were able to bring smiles and joy to more households with similar needs. If you’ve got an idea and would like to bring in the experts to give it life, give us a call today and get a free consultation to get started.

Was a lady with a six-year-old daughter who each day would bring home a few sketches she would bring home from school. The mother was looking for a good art piece on the wall, related to nature, having some cartoons, 5-6 year old daughter. Mother wanted a theme where she could use the drawings from school as hangings from a tree. She had a few ideas in mind, she didn’t know how to combine them. We discussed it out,trying to understand their requirement, she bounced ideas, we came up with ideas. We looked at 3-4 different images, she first sent out a image of a tree then she sent out a few images of her daughter’s favourite cartoon characters, things she would like and watch

Major idea was to have a frame kind of a setup instead of stacking them up into a storage unit, if they are displayed the child would get motivated to do more art activities at school and at home.

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We then went ahead and brought in our artist. Since the idea was vague in her mind, what we did was we gave the brief to the artist and gave the image references and overall we came up with a sketch on a small chart paper. Once we drew that and showed it to the customer, she was okay with the design in principle, let us look at it on the wall on a  larger scale using chalk pieces. To our surprise, we did the work from 10 in the morning to midnight,  we thought it would be just our painter doing his thing working on the design and we did not expect the customer to get too involved but the whole family members got involved. When an idea that’s a concept in the mind comes to the front and starts coming to life, it creates a very good feeling at home everyone comes together. Her daughter was there, her parents were telling her it is late and you should go to sleep. But she was too excited to go to sleep and wanted to see this artwork come to life. Motivation and encouragement was there for the kid also and the love for art went higher up. The customer was a very strong referral for us and told a lot of people in the building we did something similar for another customer in the same building. This way we played a role in getting the love for art.

We can do a lot of customization when the customer does not know exactly what they want and there is no channel to get this done. We discuss with them and give them the support where they need.