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Top Wall Colours for 2022 That Will Rule This Year

As 2022 begins, the world is again trying to figure out a way against new variants of Covid-19. Home is where most of us will spend the largest amount of time. 2022 will be all about comforting paint Wall paint colours that will soothe your senses. At the same time, you want something that is refreshing and makes you feel energetic. Nature-inspired colours will be a major trend this year but there will also be some modern choices to help our audience feel warm and rejuvenated at home.

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Chocolate Brown – paint designs

Brown has been a rediscovered colour last year that has decorated many elegant spaces. This year, brown can take many refreshing forms, deeper shades getting more popular. Chocolate brown is one such paint colour that can make you feel warm and happy in your home. The deep brown texture has a nostalgic feel that is truly comforting. 

Shades of brown like terracotta and taupe brown are also going to be very popular in 2022. Use brown for spaces like living room, dining room, and the kitchen for a modern effect.

Ocean Blue -Wall paint Colour

Blue has a sense of giving you hope and relieving your anxiety in difficult times. The calm and soothing shade can remind you of the sky or the sea. Ocean blue is among the best shades to paint your walls this year. It is calming to your senses and also gives you a serene sensation. It is an excellent Wall paint colours for large spaces like the living room or the hall. Also, among the best shades for a peaceful bedroom. Add some textures to feel nature inside your home.

Gray Green – Wall paint ideas

Calming tones of green are absolutely in trend this year. The shade of gray green is modern and makes a peaceful atmosphere. Add gray green to your living room or your bedroom, you will get a refreshing sensation of joy and peace. Green is the colour of nature while grey represents a sense of stability. Hence, this shade is the perfect balance for a wholesome and versatile space.

Pretty in Pink – Wall paint Designs

Pink has been rather underestimated in past years, subjugated to colours restricted to young girls. But with modern trends, pink is an amazing choice for a happy space. In 2022, you will find amazing use of this colour in light pastels and refreshing tones. Pink can be used as a serene colour that can make you feel rejuvenated and creative as well. Perfect for bathroom, bedrooms, and cozy spaces.

Pastel Red – Asian paint Colour

Red is considered bold and powerful but if you tone it down a bit, it can give an amazing sensation of calmness and stability. Shades of brick red or reddish terracotta have a sense of earthiness and strength. They are not harsh on the eyes and do not agitate your emotions. Try pastel hues of red with a matte finish for a modern look that also helps in adding elegance and charm to your space.

Wall Painting Colours and design trends 2022

2022 will see the development of some unique Asian paints colour palettes. Make use of colours smartly in your home to add energy and live to your space. AapkaPainter offers you the expertise of colour consultants to help you pick the best colours for your home. Whether you are confused between colour combinations or textures, we have got your covered. Book a colour consultation today and get ready to be amazed.

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