Style Up Your Small Bedroom Space Unbelievably

Bedroom spaces can come in all sizes. A small bedroom space can make an equally impactful statement that a bigger room would generally do. Try these easy ways to style up your personal space and save it from being boring.

String Lights

Strings lights give your room a very personal look. Plus it brightens your mood as soon as you enter your room. Hang them at one corner of your room and see the magic.

Low Bedding

Try out the low bedding which can give your room a tall look. Also, find a small night stand near your low bed. It will surely add to the charm of the bed.

If you love your books, attach small shelves just besides your bed. That makes them available ready for bed time reading and story telling.

Speaking Wall

Make one of the walls in your bedroom an feature one. Paint a Texture to get faux finish of Denim, Leather anything you like and weave magic in the room.

Wall of Frames

The wall just behind the bed can be your wall of frames. Put all the pictures together on this one wall. It adds to the style statement of your room and makes your space look complete.

The Mirror

On a blank wall, hang a huge mirror. That brings on the much needed drama to your bedroom. You can also try placing a small desk below the mirror. It can hold all your essentials.

Don’t skip the Ceiling

The ceiling is where you look once you retire to your bed. Let not be this sight a boring one. Soothe your senses,painting small neon stars on the ceiling. They will glow in the night adding to the charm your room.