Paint Magic : Use colours to change the size of your room

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Color is the least expensive way to remodel a room to fit any lifestyle. As we use color it is important to understand it’s subtle yet fundamental in designing the space of the room. Certain colors can make your room look bigger or smaller than it actually is. In space starved cities it is important to choose the right colors to make your home look bigger and more spacious.

Cool Colors : Blues and greens make your wall look receding. Walls painted in cool colors appear more distant than they really are. Cool colors can make a small room seem larger.

Warm Colors : Warm colors like reds and yellows seem to move inward making a large room appear smaller.

Shades : Lighter color makes your room look expansive, while darker shade of the same hue, makes it look more intimate.

To create the illusion of raising a low ceiling, select a paint color that is lighter than the walls. Conversely, a high ceiling can be lowered by selecting a tone that is darker than the walls.

To make a square room seem more interesting, paint one wall a focal or accent color. A single dark wall will create the illusion of moving into the room

A paint’s finish will also influence the proportions of a room. A matte or flat finish will reflect the least amount of light making a room seem slightly smaller. While high gloss paint is the most durable and reflects the most light, it is seldom used to make a room look larger because it also highlights surface imperfections. In a small room, eggshell and satin finishes are often selected.

Consider the paint color in the context of the room’s lighting.

Finally, keep in mind that the color on a paint chip will seem less intense than the color applied to a whole wall.