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Your living room is the heart of your home. Make it special with spectacular colours, textures and patterns by AapkaPainter!

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Modern Colours by Asian Paints Royale

Try brand new colours and textures by Asian Paints Royale to present a unique home decor that is welcoming. We offer you a collection of the latest shades that are trending. Get the living room that makes you feel lively and brings positivity all the time.

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Explore Monochromatic Schemes

The right colour combination helps in highlighting the brilliant aspects of the room. A monochromatic colour combination brings a special type of harmony to the space. However, you can play with different tones and shades of one colour; textures and stencils can also bring variety into the space.

bedroom color combination

Playing with Multiple shades

More colours are always a sign of cheerfulness and variety. Dual colour combinations are extremely popular because they are versatile and elegant. However, you must be careful with the colours you choose. They must complement each other. You can also use small accents and other colourful elements in stencils and wall art.

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bedroom stencil color combination
living room color combination

The Benefits of Choosing a Colour Consultant

You can enhance your spaces by choosing the right colours and textures. Getting a colour consultant is the smarter way to begin this daunting task. In a world of thousands of options, it’s best to go with experts who know the relevant trends and how each colour can affect your space.
AapkaPainter offers you professional colour consultants who are dedicated to giving you beautiful homes that you can cherish for life.

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Have a look at our updated catalogue for the latest designs and inspirations to transform your home. Get in touch with us to book a free site visit now!

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How to Create Great Colour Combinations for Your Home

home colour combinations,colour combination for home,color combination in home,colour combination at home,colour combination for simple hall- Design your ideas that matches perfectly your design choice of interiors.

Living Room Colour Combination

Days and years have gone by and everything seems different? Well, it’s time to bring such newness and freshness to your living room as well. Spice up the walls by choosing a stunning colour combination for the living room. 

And if you are not good at selecting a wall colour combination for livingroom, you are at the right place. We will be your guide telling which colour combination for living room you should choose and why you should choose that. For starters, you need to know that two colour combinations for living rooms is turning out to be the trend for modern homes. Let’s see which ones are those!

Best Two Colour Combination For Living Room

When you want to make your walls both trendy and modern, a two colour combination for the living room is the best option. Here are some two colour combination for living room walls you can try: 

White And Orange Colour Combination Living Room 

Living rooms are the spaces of celebration and orange is certainly that can mix with laughter and celebration. Mix it with white tones and the results will amaze you. The orange colour combination for livingroom with white creates a happy ambiance. In fact, orange colour combination living room is actually one of the fascinating and unique ideas you can try. 

White And Blue Colour Combination For Living Room 

If you want a minimalistic yet royal look, the white and blue colour combination for livingroom is the perfect match. To add a little different touch and make an electric pairing, you can also use a blue and yellow colour combination for living room. It will have a significant impact without being overwhelming. 

Turquoise And Pink Colour Combination For Living Room 

Though not a traditional mix, turquoise and pink colour combination for living room is a bold combo that can work well with various styles. Mix this versatile combo and get some fun in the living room with southwest patterns or a mid-century splash in the home. 

Blue And Green Colour Combination For Living Room

Make your living room a tropical gateway using a green colour combination for the living room. Pair it with bold colours like blue or even tangerine. Add some traditional furniture and decor and your home is ready to give a temporary vibe. 

The common mistake people make while selecting the wall two colour combination for a living room is that they do not explore and research more. 

Best Colour combinations for Living Room in 2021

The colours that you choose, in turn, impact the overall look and vibe of your house. Thus, make sure they stay up-to-date with the trends. You can check our catalogue for the latest three colour combination for living room or even two colour combinations. Our modern colour combination for livingroom complements your hall irrespective of its size. These  livingroom colour combinations for hall along with creative lighting and décor can charm anyone who comes to your home. 

And what more? They are also the best colours you can choose for your home in 2021!

Best living room colour combination for ceiling

The ceiling may often go unnoticed but it always plays a subtle role in determining the vibe of the space. The living room ceiling colour combination should be chosen wisely to give a better sense of depth and space. We offer the best combination of colours for livingroom by close analysis and research by our dedicated team. We have a variety of hall wall colour combinations for livingroom that gave give a comfortable and soothing vibe to your home. Choose among our most popular living room hall wall colour combinations to renovate your space into a modern home. Check out our living room painting ideas for more inspiration.

Different Living room paint colour combination

The living room is the most important space in the house. It represents all the members of the family and is also the place where you entertain your guests. Choose the best colour combination for living room with Aapkapainter to make the living room a delightful and cozy space. We offer a wall two-colour combination for the living room that gives a minimalist and modern look to your space. The living room house painting colour combinations should have warm shades that denote intimacy and closeness. Explore among the best paint combination for living room with our amazing experts.

Asian Paints Colour Combinations For Living Room 

When planning to paint your living room, make sure you pick the right color brand as they offer a premium and long-lasting touch. You can try anything from Nerolac colour combination for living room to Asian Paints colour combination for living room. 

For your hall, Asian Paints colour combination for living room can be both high-quality and gorgeous. Nerolac is also as well known as Asian paints living room colour combination. To know which will be best for your living room, you can also talk to our experts at Aapka Painter. Schedule a call today and get started!

Nerolac Paint Living room color combination

Try Nerolac colour combination for living room to get the most modern and beautiful colors in your space. Nerolac provides vibrant and bright shades with paints that are safe to use and give a lasting finish to your walls. Our living room colour combinations give a sense of openness and comfort to your space. The two-colour combination for living room walls has been the most chosen style because of its minimalist and modern look. We offer various styles for wall colour combinations for living room that you can decide with our color consultants and design experts. Explore all our room color combinations to give a much-needed revamp to your space.

Which is best wall colour combination for Living Room? 

There is no single best wall colour combination for living room. It depends on various factors like the size of your living room and how you want the vibe to be. For some, ivory colour combination for living room may be best while others may choose bold colors like yellow or orange as a hall wall colour combination for living room. 

The only way to choose the best is by exploring the most. Check our exclusive catalogue with living room hall wall colour combination and select that caters to your needs. 

What Colours Combinations Make the Living Room Bigger?

Not many people know but modern two colour combination for living room go beyond just making your home look stunning; some also create visual illusions that make small living rooms look bigger and spacious.  Just check out the best colour combination for living room for this and your job is done. Purple colour combination for living room can be better for small living rooms. 

You can also pick shades like grey, mint green, beige, dark teal, and soft blonde. You can also choose Asian paints colour combination for living room that is prepared for such illusions. 

Livingroom Color Combinations by Aapkapainter

Check out the most amazing living room color schemes to transform the vibe of your home. Aapkapainter provides an array of sophisticated and trendy designs to give your space a modern look. We have warm living room colour schemes that can make your space more inviting and comfortable. The two-colour combination for living room is among the most popular because of the complementary style it offers. We provide various modern two-colour combinations for living rooms using the best colors of the season. Explore our amazing living room painting designs for your home with us.