Make Your Home Ready for Celebrations with Stencil Painting

If you are looking to add some artistic elements like a stencil painting to your home, something special on the occasion of festivals- stencils painting is your best bet. You can get stunning wall art with stencil paintings that are customized according to your walls. 

Every home has a distinct interior decor style and stencils can be an elegant way to express your style. You can pick up any theme of your choice and get a stencil design that fits your taste. Check out some of the best stencils created by AapkaPainter and get inspired for your home wall painting.

Highlighting Mirrors with Stencil

Check out this brilliant pattern emphasizing the beauty of the mirror on the wall. An elegant but simplistic design, this encircling stencil art gives a serene and calming vibe to the space. The colour combination has also been synced according to the wall decor so that the stencil art perfectly complements the light and colours in the room. The geometric style is very popular to give a symmetrical perfection to the space.

Simplistic Stencils to create a Wallpaper Effect

The best part about stencil painting is how effectively it can be used to create wallpaper-like effects for your walls. This floral arrangement stencil gives serene energy to the space. The uniform design spreads out evenly across the wall giving a sense of symmetry and harmony. The blue and white combination works like a charm for every occasion when you open that door.

Create the Perfect Entrances with Stencil art

How can you make your front entry grander? Try stencil painting again. Look at the above floral stencil art on a beautiful purple wall that gives a warm hug to everyone who enters the house. Stencil painting is a very simple way to add elegance and magic to every entrance. It gives the first impression of your home and your unique style. Give your guests something nice to remember.

Mandala Art Stencil work

Red and yellow are the perfect colours for a celebration. But they work even better with stylistic elements like this mandala wall art. Mandalas represent power and calmness at once. A beautiful art form- you cannot make any wall wrong with Mandalas. This red wall with yellow floral mandalas perfectly depicts a festive look with a charming appeal. It doesn’t look extra but beautifully creates positive energy. 

Stencils that complement your Walls

Use stencils to highlight portions of your walls and emphasize their beauty. In the above picture, you will find how perfectly the feather-inspired stencil art works with the yellow walls and lights. The wall art makes the space more cheerful and inviting. The dark colours of the stencils go in contrast with the yellow walls and add a next-level glory to the space.

Stencils with Multiple colours

The amazing thing about stencils is how versatile they are. You can use them with endless colour combinations and give them new meanings. The above wall art is an eclectic mix of the modern and the traditional. The upper part shows two beautiful shades in symmetry and the same colours appear in the stencil works below. All the colours in this wall art add their own unique element and make the wall brilliant. This is the perfect wall for all those festive family pictures on every occasion.

Explore the AapkaPainter paints catalogue to find a ton of inspiration on more stencils and colour combinations. Whether you want to renovate your living room, bedrooms, or any niches of your space- you can get the best with stencil wall arts. The colour consultants at AapkaPainter can help you find the most suitable options according to your space and home decor. Book a consultation now!