Interior Painting Ideas for your Home

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A colorful interior is an essential part of a beautiful household. An eye- catching interior puts a good impression on the audience and makes the home lively. The interior painting ideas have been suggested below to help you plan a beautiful interior.

House Entrance

Interior painting ideas- House Entrance
Interior Painting ideas- House Entrance

A beautiful house entrance is a way to go. Painting outer walls in light colors give a welcoming feeling.

Living Room

Interior painting ideas- Living Room
Living Room

The living room is where the entire house lives! Availability of Lighting in the room plays an important role in choosing the right colors for the living room. Light colored walls  as shown above always live up to the name ‘Living Room.’


Interior painting ideas- Kitchen
Interior Painting ideas- Kitchen

Color green adds an extra performance to the traditional Black & White kitchen and makes it look more elegant. Likewise, the designable tiles also add a little twist to the whole appearance.

Dining Area

Interior Painting Ideas- Dining Area
Dining Area

The combination of wood and color blue is exotic. Whether it would be a brunch in bright daylight or a candle light dinner, such dining room makes up the mood each time.


Interior painting ideas- Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

A bedroom is nothing less than a heaven after a long tiring day. And this color combination adds to the beauty of this heaven.

Interior painting ideas- small bedroom
small bedroom

Pearl is elegant!

Interior painting ideas- Kids room
Kids room

These loud colors loudly reflect the playfulness of kids room.

Study Room

Interior Painting Ideas- Study room
Study room

These shades make one to visit study room quite often.


Interior painting ideas- Staircase

Adding a little color to that staircase make the walk worthwhile.


Interior painting ideas- Bathroom

There is nothing better than a  modern bathroom with light shades!