Interesting Top Home Decor Ideas for Summer 2021

Home Decor Ideas for Summer

The summer season is almost here and it’s time that you finally add some lemon zest to your home decor interiors. It is a lovely season to spend outside in nature, in your pool, and having outdoor picnics. A lot of time will also be spent inside your homes because of the heat outside. Hence, it can be a good time to give a revamp to your home.

Summer is all about light, airy colors. Light yellow, white, blue, and green are some perfect colors, to begin with. Floral patterns and colorful textures can be used in home decor to give an excellent facelift. Here are some top recommendations to vibe up your homes in summer.

1.   Floral Designs

Summer is a season of beautiful flowers. Some yellow, pink, and green can give a charming effect to any nook or corner of your house. You can use cushions and curtains with floral decor patterns to give a fresh, summer feel to your living room. You can install floral wallpapers to give a revamp to your living room. Turquoise, lavender, and muted grey can be wonderful color palettes for floral designs.

2.   Indoor Gardening

Installing pots and plants in your house can be a great way of refreshing spaces in summer. Get some classy vases that can be monochrome or have minimal prints. Get some fresh flowers to cheer up the vibe. You can also have moss frames or bonsais to create a unique aesthetic. Plants like aloe vera, cactus, money plants, and small succulents are easy to grow. They can be the perfect touch of greenery to your home decor.

3.   Terracotta flooring

Terracotta or “baked earth” can be the perfect element for summer. If you are changing your floors in summer, terracotta tiles should be the best choice. Not only do they come in great designs and patterns, but the material makes the floors cool to your feet. It can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. It’s also the best material for your balconies or terraces that suffer the most because of the summer heat.

4.   Dreamy stencil art

If you are getting new stencil art designs for your walls, there can be an array of designs to feel the summer vibe. Flowery designs, leafy patterns, and colorful motifs should be your top choices. Stencil arts can be a great way to re-energize your bedrooms and living rooms by giving focus to certain portions of the wall.

interior design

Image- A guest bedroom with stencil art “Floweret”

If you are looking for dreamy stencil art designs, head to the catalog of Aapka Painter to explore a range of options.

5.   Outdoor Lights

It is the time when you can enjoy the evening breeze on your balcony and have a long chat with your friends and family members. The balcony space can be decorated with yellow ceiling lights or some new lamps. Sparkling bulb sets or even fairy lights can make your summer gatherings cozy and memorable. You can also hang these lights around trees in your garden or some sturdy plants to decorate in minutes.

6.   House painting designs and colours

Revamp your bathroom

With the heat rising outside, you may tend to spend extra hours in your bathrooms. You can bring some new plants to your bathrooms that can survive in high humidity. If you are repainting, use colors like teal, aqua, and green to add a tropical splash. Light pastel colors can also be a great choice for small bathrooms as they can give a sense of space.

7.   House painting designs

Fragrances for summer

Using different fragrances can greatly uplift the vibe of a house. If you have a thing for soy candles and get fresheners, there are a variety of fragrances to choose from. You can have citrus smells like orange and lemon that can instantly cheer up your mood. You can also go for calming vanilla and sandalwood fragrances. Rosemary and other flower scents can also be a great choice for summer.

8.   Wall Textures for summer

If you are getting your interiors re-done, you must try fresh textures for your walls this summer. You can get a feel of the oceans through a wavy pattern on teal walls or seashell patterns on light blue walls. A simple drizzle effect can also bring a summery feel to your walls. Textures can be a unique and creative way to give your walls extra depth and design.

You can explore all these textures and designs at Aapka Painter. Feel free to book an appointment and make your summer abode come alive!