How Much Paint Do We Need To Paint House Walls?

Aapkpainter – India’s best painting service provider: Just launched a very powerful and efficient tool for calculating the estimated cost of painting a house or room wall. Our interior paint calculator helps you to determine the optimized painting cost according to different brand paints, color theme of your walls.

During the 10 years of experience of owning interior, exterior painting experience, we had often get the perfect results. We use the latest painting tools and techniques to achieve a superior painting task. Our professional painters in Mumbai use rollers to get smooth and even a better coat of surface on walls. Sometimes multiple coats are important, especially for some colors as red, gold or copper.

Check Out How Much Paint Is Required To Paint A Wall

Cost to paint a house depends on various factors- no. of coats you apply, condition of walls and surface, paint quality etc. But you can observe the major change in paint quantity needed whether you apply primer, wall putty or not. Painting cost is a variable too from room to room of different painting applications. So you need to outline your needs first then you can explore paint calculator by selecting the room area, desired paint which create a simple step for you helping in calculation of a paint project cost. Painting cost generally is minimalistic when you hire a professional painter around you. Also cost to paint a house will increase if you paint a white color over a red color surface area. We recommend you to see the coverage guide of each paint product before you apply it for use.

To make use of our paint cost calculator, make sure that your painting area met certain conditions which are listed out below:

So, we are mentioning some necessary conditions to perform a perfect painting job with only one coat of paint.

Ideal Surface: If the surface you are planning to paint contain a dull finish, then it grip new paint easily better than a surface with a glossy finish. Although painting over an eggshell finished wall leads to floating of paint rather than penetration the surface.

Painting Tools: Our professional painter know the value of quality job of roller painting better than brush painting. Always make use of quality paint to avoid any unconditional failures. High-quality tools reduce the time taken and paint cost to finish the painting task.

Before you start painting your interior or exterior, you must understand the paint cost applied to the project. Every painting application needs to calculate the required paintable area so that paint cost estimator gives the right results. Aapka Painter launched the latest tool called wall paint calculator which used by our professionals to achieve the painting project in estimated time by examining the right quality and quantity of needed paint.

See the Examples-
Ceiling Paint Calculator Per Square Feet: We consider a room of dimensions 10*20 feet and with a height of 7 feet, which contains 2 windows and 2 doors.

Step 1: Calculate the total area i.e 10*20=200 square feet

Step 2: Divide it with a standard number 350(i.e 1 gallon of paint per 350 square feet area). We get 200/350= 0.5 gallons of paint needed that ceiling area.

Wall Paint Calculator:

Step 1: Calculate the area (10+20+10+20)*7=420 square feet

Step 2: Calculate windows and doors area i.e 20*2+15*2=70 sqaure feet where windows is 15 feet wide and doors are 20 feet.

Step 3 Now substract unpainted area i.e 420-70=350 square feet.

Step 4: Divide that number by 350 i.e 350/350=1 gallon of paint needed to paint interiors od room.

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