Change your lifestyle with these amazing Home Themes from Würfel

Traditionally houses were designed reflecting homeowners’ style and personality. At those golden days, People were ready to spend any amount to get that perfect Victorian themed living room. Houses were constructed based on the current trend and theme. The themes that reflected the owner’s style and sense, themes that elegantly wore the owner’s personality. But with today’s rising population and highly compact spaces, most of us are not even aware of theme houses. With a few consideration and planning, you can design your home that matches your style and ideology. Over the years, many styles and designs evolved and are still significant. Styles like contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional, mid-century modern, Victorian, industrial, minimalist, shabby chic, bohemian, urban modern, tropical, urban modern, etc. and the list goes on.

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Infact, many home interior solution companies help you choose your best-suited theme.

 One of them being a brand like Würfel that help you style your home based on your lifestyle.

So, if you’re on the urge of house designing, consider these elegantly stylish house themes that will completely change your housing experience-


Inspired by the Elizabethan era style, this vibrant theme will give your house a royal and luxurious expression. With its striking aesthetics and dynamic texture, solitaire adds a lively touch of panache to your home, bring out the best of it. The vintage and regal combination goes perfectly with each other exhibiting the royal finish.


A simple, neat clutter-free theme that generates a warm and calm feel to the house. Ruhae comes with mild and subtle designs that enhance the simplicity of your home. The blissful whites will make your space look quite and serene, away from all the clutter and chaotic color scheme.


When retro beauty meets the tropical trend, it creates a unique, beautiful balance between the elements. Latten brings a touch of comfort and joy to a regular looking house. The tropical designs create a luscious and verdant theme, flattering the novel theme.


Vibrant striking colors and patterns, a mix of contemporary and classic design, this theme follow all the artistic rules. Designs so lavish and modern that it brings out the beautiful and sophisticated appearance.


Retro design with creamy texture creates a calm and profound rich effect. The theme that makes your house look chic-classy and elegant comes with several voguish styled designs. The texture and pattern look timeless and vintage.


A splash of neutrals is always a big YES. The patterned padding and accent brightens up the room and exhales the sense of warmness.White and soft colors maintain the serenity and tranquility of the space, giving you the calm and cozy feel.


A mix of soft and calm textures to enhance the space with cozy warmth and country-styled theme. The unique space design brings comfort and pure bliss. The luxurious quilt work and the demure white wood makes your room look eccentrically beautiful.


An elegant balance between lines and curves, creating a modern classical living. Juala comes with an imperial colonial feel enhancing the crafty feel. The soft texture with the vibrant design creates a good contrast within the space.


A beautiful combination of Nile beige and regal gives your space a glittery gold feels. Zolht keeps things simple and pulls the best out of it.


Qalat leaves a magical and intensive medieval effect on the space. The dining chairs with their distinct fabrics and colors enhance the beauty of the room. The eye-catching design adds a divine charm and chic impact on your area.


Experience the ultimate comfort with the spacious Kimssel theme that offers rich color options and soft fabrics. With the high fashion factor and modern details, this efficient theme is a masterpiece and a must have.


Morocco styled architecture with symbolic space gives your home a sleek and shiny finish. The simple yet elegant theme will give your house a clean neat and rich feel.


A modern neutral touch that brings back the traditional charm. A theme that resembles a white-on-white technique and leaves the calming effect to your space. Bedroom with a classic-contemporary pop that complements the white elements. Beautiful and sober piece that influences the minimalist design.

Themes that enhance your lifestyle and your personality. At Wurfel (India’s Biggest Kitchen Brand), there’s something for everyone. Make your house a unique masterpiece with different housing themes that matches your sense and style. Theme houses are best when done correctly. Plan your design, know what you want and get yourself a theme that suits your lifestyle.

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