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Amazing Wall Paintings for Diwali 2021

Diwali 2021 is the best occasion to jazz up your homes. The amazing festival of lights will glow up all the corners of your home. So, make sure that each corner is worth the spotlight. Add textures and colours to make the space attractive. Here are the 8 amazing wall painting ideas to add the perfect zing to your home this Diwali

Mandala Paintings

Beautiful mandala paintings and rangoli designs perfectly present the spirit of Diwali. There are a plethora of designs and patterns that you can explore. They are full of details and make your walls truly beautiful. 

Stencil artwork with birds

These black wall stencils on orange walls are simple but elegant. Stencils and wall decals can be used to give picture-perfect images on your walls. Bird wall stencils can be excellent to add refreshing energy to your space. 

Golden circles

Gold is truly a colour of celebrations and joy. Check this amazing wall art that highlights the mirror as well the wall. The golden circles represent a unique, subtle mandala but give a sophisticated clean look. 

Orange motif stencil work

This beautiful stencil work consists of the orange motif work on a peach background. The colours give a lovely, royal look that is also very elegant. Give the perfect regal look to your Diwali home decor.

Mandala work on red background

Red is a royal and festive colour and it is perfectly complemented by yellow accents on the walls. This mandala artwork is perfectly festive and gives a royal look to your space. Upgrade your decor ideas with this vibrant look. 

Vibrant nature stencils

Nature-inspired stencils are perfect to increase the sense of relaxation in your space. This large tree sets the vibe of the living room effortlessly with beautiful birds and flowers. This wall art is made by the expert artists and designers at Aapka Painter. They can perfectly elevate the Diwali vibe in your home as well.

Purple wall with hanging leaves

Purple represents individuality and also royalty. In this image, you can see the perfectly smooth purple finish with leaves wall art. They give an elegant finish to the walls and also make the entrance more welcoming. Try this wall art with stencils in your own home this Diwali 2021 to amp up the vibe.

Floral Wall art

Florals are always beautiful and completely elevate the spirit of the space. This beige home decor gets a perfect accent wall with this lovely wall stencil painting. A variety of floral art stencils are available to match different colour combinations and decor ideas. 

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These were just a few of the best options that you must consider but you can also get your own style. Customized wall arts are also available. With Aapka Painter, you get personalized assistance and expert guidance. Get ready to have a wonderful Diwali this year with beautiful rangolis on floors and amazing wall art on the walls!

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