6 Most Popular Celebrity Home Interiors and Paint Colours – Alia bhatt

Celebrity Home:

Home is where heart is they say. It is your presence, your laughter, your tears shared which turns a house into a home. It echoes all the beauties and reminiscences of the things that passed. It is your own personality reflected through your house. Whether it is ours or someone else’s, it’s equally important. And when that someone is a CELEBRITY like Alia Bhatt, then the house makes us a little more curious as it is a symbol of the luxury that these celebrities are entitled to. It also spills the beans on their taste and ends up speaking a lot about their real personality. 

1.Shah Rukh Khan: Highlight – Amazing wall painting, wall art, and delicate stencil Painting.

What can we say about this man! Well, He’s the King, which obviously means that he lives his life King size. Which is entirely true if you peek into his house. MANNAT means wish a house like Mannat is really a wish or a dream. It definitely is much more than a humble abode. Designed by Mrs. Khan herself, each and every corner of the house speaks a story in itself. What grabs your attention the most is the beautifully carved and coloured walls of the house, the colour scheme used is pastel and the most used colours are rich white and golden which not only made the house look bigger but also added more to the royal factor. The inside of the house houses a lot of paintings, artworks, and murals which symbolizes the actor’s love for art. Each and every wall has some carving on them which makes it look nothing less than a palace. The outer walls are beige and white in colour which makes the house look magnificent. The stencil paintings, textured walls are breathtakingly beautiful. There are huge pillars both outside and inside the house which depict the strength of the empire that this man created on its own. Mannat has already been given the status of a monument which means it’ll never be demolished.

2. Amitabh Bachchan: Highlight – The iconic mural stencil paintings and textured wall art.

Fondly known as the God of Cinema, Padmashri Amitabh Bachchan is one hell of a personality! The aura of the Bachchan is well known to the whole world and the same is reflected through their royal lifestyle. Senior Bachchan resides in Jalsa, with his wife, son Abhishek and daughter-in-law, Aishwariya. When we talk about the Bachchan’s, there’s only one word that comes out – ELEGANCE. Jalsa is a perfect example to symbolise that. With its mesmerizing stencil art and beautifully painted walls it is a perfect blend of modern and contemprary, Jalsa speaks a lot about its owner. The colour scheme used for the entire house is earthy – brown, beige and mustard. The walls look beautifully elegant with leaf style textures, murals of warriors on the wall and a lot of beautiful frames showcasing their lives and their legacy! The outer walls are mostly beige in colour with a bubbly texture which adds a very chic look to the magnificent house. The house gives an idea of the Padma Shri award winner’s love and connection with the environment as the maximum styles of textures, murals and décor on the walls is inspired from the environment itself! The use of wood in the entire house is admirable, be it on the floor, the roof or the walls.

3. John Abraham: Highlight – Minimalistic approach towards the art of wall painting.

Known as one of the hottest actor of his generation, John Abraham is a symbol of class.

He recently combined two old apartments in the city into one modern, spacious two level apartment and terrace. Designed by the actor’s brother, Alan Abraham who is an architect himself, the house is sustainable, chic and perfectly suited to this actor’s life. The flooring and the furniture of the house are completely wooden. Located on the 7th and 8th floor, it should be no surprise that the spectacular views of the Arabian sea were among the most attractive features of this space. This house is a perfect example of minimalistic design. There is minimalism everywhere, be it the furniture or décor, the materials used in the house are natural and neutral which tells a lot about the simple life that the actor leads. The walls are pastel, well, mostly white in colour with not much texture on it. The lights play a very important role in adding a splash of life into space. The white colour of the wall really compliments the wooden décor. The kitchen counter has an interesting splash of different shades of grey which adds more to the elegance of that particular space.

4. Alia Bhatt: Highlight – Pastel yet quirky colour scheme and textured wall paintings.

house interior color of alia bhat

The owner of immense talent and ease, Alia Bhatt has taken over Bollywood since the day she arrived. Her USP is the ease by which she portrayed even the toughest characters. Her happy-go-lucky and off beat attitude is what connects her with the youth and this vibe of hers is undeniably visible in her new abode. What makes her stand out from all the other celebrities is her simplicity – same goes for her house! It is the ultimate example of simplicity. Be it the use of white colour on the walls of her living room or the brick texture on the walls of her closet, everything is simply beautiful! A plain splash of earthy brown colour on the kitchen counter makes the entire house come together. The furniture used is mostly wood which beautifully matches with the counter making it look like a beautiful composition. The perky colours are used in the form of home decor, be it a cusion or a wall art which gives a very easy, fresh and young vibe to the entire house.

5. Parineeti Chopra: Highlight – Amazing wall stencil painting and wall artworks and painting.

She came in the industry like a breath of fresh air, and that is the exact feeling that you get as soon as you enter this young diva’s humble abode. The miniature guitar and bike replicas on the wall, her house is unlike any other. Her house is a perfect blend of nostalgia with the reality. The colour scheme is a beautiful mixture of earthy browns and pastel whites.

There is a beautifully brick textured white wall in the centre of the living room and the abstract mural which is hung on it makes it a delight to look at! The actor has particularly given a lot of attention to the walls of this house. No wall is empty, some have textures on them while some are filled with photo frames and artworks Alia Bhatt. There few walls with textured patterns as well as some beautiful wall stencil paintings which soothe the eye.

6. Arjun Kapoor: Simplistic wall painting approach with amazing brick textured wall.

arjun kapoor interior color

Known to be a man of many personalities, Arjun Kapoor ‘s house does complete justice to his title. His house has everything that a bachelor pad requires, in fact much more. The textured beige walls in the living room compliment the wooden frames which are hung on them. The colour scheme of the entire house varies from corner to corner but is very well coordinated too. The colour of the walls is mostly pastel which makes the elements in the house stand out. Bollywood just loves the brick texture just like the whole world and so does this young heartthrob. He has earthy coloured brick textures at various places all around the house. The house is designed by the actor’s late mother which makes it a home.

In conclusion:

We can see how the art of wall painting, house painting, texture painting, wall stencil painting has taken the normal people as well as the celebrities Alia Bhatt by the storm.

The celebrities are entitled and exposed to a lot of designers from all around the world. But where would a man with the lack of exposure go if he wishes to put in his personality and legacy into his house? Where would you go to turn your house into the house of your dreams?

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