Best Stencil Paints in India

Get the latest stencils paints with a professional touch. At Aapka Painters, you get the most updated collection of wall painting stencils with the latest stencil painting methods. Innovate your homes with style!

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Why should you choose stencils for your walls?

Stencil painting is easy and affordable to give a premium and artistic look to your walls. Stencils designs for wall painting are completely safe for your walls. You can use them with a variety of paints and textures. Explore our Asian Paints stencil images for inspiration.


Pattern Flow Stencil Painting

Need a wallpaper-like effect without harming your walls- stencils are your best option. Stencil painting is efficient and long-lasting. Get a refreshing new look!


Spring Love Stencil Painting

Nature has the best inspiration for excellent home decor. Floral stencil designs are elegant as well as sophisticated. You can decorate spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms with floral stencil accents. Choose among a variety of colours and styles. Embrace the power of flowers to create beautiful walls for your home.

Stencil Designs for Modern Walls


Geometric Feature Stencil Painting


Pop Culture Stencil Painting


Diamond Terilis Stencil Painting

Asian Paints Stencil Design

Explore the latest stencils by Asian Paints in brand new colours and patterns. Apply them on your entire walls or highlight them as accents. Get the most stylish look with Asian Paints wall stencils.

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Stencil Designs For Painting

Stencil designs for wall painting include wall stencils and wall decals for all home decor. Get full-room wall painting packs for the nursery and kid’s rooms, wall stencils for kids, side interest stencils, and other home stencils. Use them as a brilliant combination of wall stickers and wall painting stencils for your home, office, and work environment. Explore Wall Stencils with Aapka Painter.


Bedroom Stencils Designs


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Check out our latest catalogue and find the best fit for your space. Contact us today and find the painting cost estimate for your interiors or exteriors.

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Stencil Paint Designs for your Home

Stencil designs have become among the easiest and cost-efficient methods to renovate your space. A wide variety of designer stencils for walls are available that can add creativity and fun to your walls in no time. Wall stencils are easy to use and are completely safe for your walls. Exciting stencil paint colors can be used to highlight a portion of the wall or can be used on the entire wall. The Asian Paint stencil design set can create astounding effects that can charm any viewer. Explore wall stencils with us to increase the appeal of your interiors.

Stencil Wall Art Patterns and Ideas

There is no dearth of options in the world of stencil wall art. Stencils are the most versatile and creative way of home decor and only the sky is your limit! Modern wall stencils can include designer geometric patterns, abstract art, and eclectic art motifs. These stencil art designs can make instantly rejuvenate spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and even work studios. Wall stencils for painting can use a range of different colors. While dual-color patterns are the most popular- multicolored designs have gained a lot of popularity. Explore all these exciting wall painting designs in our stencil collection.

Simple and Easy Wall Stencil Designs for Painting

Stencil designs have become popular as the easiest way to design your walls. The Asian Paints stencils nature is simplistic with traditional as well as contemporary art forms. You can find easy wall stencils for painting any portion of your house. The elegant wall stencil design can be used to make a simple border or extensive wall coverings to leave a charming impact on the overall vibe of the room. Stencil designs for painting can work beautifully with all kinds of color schemes. You can add your favorite artistic elements using these stencils. Have a look at all these wall painting ideas to transform your home.

Latest Stencil Paint for Walls 

Long gone are the days when the only wall paints used to decorate your homes. Now, it is time for unique, stylish, and easy methods that can add more colors to the boring walls. Wall stencil design one such thing that allows you to go limitless with your imaginations. Wall stencil paints create a vibrant ambiance to any part of your house. And since the demand for wall stencils painting is going up day by day, you get multitudes of options as well. 

Whether you are looking for bold stencil art for house or traditional wall stencil paints, there is no dearth of stencil painting ideas. Moreover, you can also hire professionals for the painting job done. Just search for “stencil painting near me” and you will get a lot of options. However, don’t always pick any option from the search result for “stencil painting near me”. Choose one that offers high-quality services. Here at Aapka Painter, we have a dedicated team of painting professionals who have years of experience in stencil painting. Not just this, we also offer the latest stencil paints for your walls to make them lively and beautiful than ever!

Types of Wall Stencil Paints 

There are high chances that you might have heard about wall painting stencils but are you aware of stencil paint meaning? Do you know which paints are best suited for a stencil paint drawing on your walls? Yes, as easy as it may sound, the guide to stencils is a bit difficult and is best known only by the professionals. 

Various stencil designs for wall painting require different types of paints. These paints can work not just on walls but also on furniture and paper. Some of the different types of stencil paint for walls include fabric paints, spray paints, oil paints, and acrylic paint as well. The choice of paint also depends on the stencil design. For a flower stencil, paints must have a bright and appealing vibe. Similarly, for rangoli stencils, paint must give a traditional look to enhance the whole look of the design. 

You can also look at some stencil paint images in our catalogue to understand how to choose the best one. If you still feel confused, don’t forget we are just a call away. Our experts will help you in selecting the best stencil paint for walls that not only beautify your home but also don’t burn a hole in your pockets. So go ahead and select from our exclusive range the best stencil paint and design for your bedroom, hall, bathroom, kitchen or even your office. 

We also have Asian paint stencil design which is known for its high quality and premium finish. You can use Asian paint stencil design on your own by watching DIY videos. If that’s not your thing, our trained painting professionals can also help you get the job done with a great finish. They will also guide you on how to make the walls stay clean and beautiful for longer. 

Asian Paint Stencils 

When it comes to wall stencils, there is nothing better than Asian paints wall stencils. Just check the Asian paint stencil image online and you will know what we are talking about. Their premium stencils designs for painting and the amazing finish that they have, can transform your home in no time and make the wall looks fabulous and stylish. If you are bored with the plain colored wall, you can spice them up with some bold stencils and bring a striking transformation to your house. 

Now the Asian paints wall stencils are not just available for bedrooms or kitchen. You can also buy Asian paints stencils for hall and even your working space! To select the suitable Asian paint stencil design, you can explore our website. We have an exclusive Asian paints stencils design catalogue where you can see various designs ranging from complex patterns to floral designs. These stencils can be used to create stunning patterns on to your walls and are a grand substitute to wallpaper. Just try them once and you won’t regret the decision ever!

Berger Paint Stencil Paint

Berger Paints stencil offers you the most creative and colorful way to enhance your home decor. Stencil paint is easy to use on these beautifully crafted designs. These wall stencils can be used in your living room, drawing room, and all kinds of spaces. Beautiful, nature-inspired artworks are available to decorate your walls. Designs like origami, chakras, and victoria are perfect wall stencils for bedroom. Creative art stencils like Playful Monkey and Flying Bird can be used for kids’ rooms. They can create elegant and contemporary walls with a few simple steps.

Why Royale Play Stencil paint is best?

Each home has a story- of passion between loved ones that flows in each space. The Royale Play stencil aims to bring out this story through the colorful play of colors and patterns. Asian Paints stencils can work to bring a transformation in otherwise boring spaces. Bright, vibrant colors with a beautiful flow of patterns and motifs have the ability to create and inspire. Bedroom Royale Play stencil can add zest to this minimalistic space in the best way. The bedroom Royale Play wall fashion stencils can enhance the mood of your personal space in a simplistic yet charming way.

Stencil Paint Price 

After selecting the stencil wall art, the question that will definitely bother you is whether it is expensive or not. Now the answer depends on what type stencil art designs you have selected. Stencils paint price differs from brand to brand. Not just this, your bedroom wall stencils design also has a huge impact on the stencil paints cost. For instance, the paint you choose for flower stencil design ought to cost different than the paint you choose for a wooden stencil. 

Amidst the pricing and cost, do not ignore the quality of the product. Imagine you buy a stencil font and paint just because it is less expensive and it starts chipping off your walls. Now, this can totally ruin the overall look of your home. And since wall painting is not something you do every year, the low-quality stencil ends up disappointing you. So what should you do? Ask an expert. They not only suggest you great designs and products but also ensure that stencil paints cost remains under your budget. You can also use our estimated painting cost calculator in case you are planning to paint job done by our professionals. 

Aapka Painter Stencil Painting 

Stencil painting in India is now a trend. Just search stencil paints near me and you will get plenty of options to look from. And if you too want to be a part of this trend, why not check our stunning stencils designs for painting your house walls. Our exciting designs will bring an unusual touch to your house’s interior as well as exteriors walls. You also get the chance to buy stencil paint for wall for top brands like Asian Paints. 

Some of the stencil designs you can get at our website include letter stencil designs for walls, modern geometric stencil patterns, and even traditional stencils to give a twist to your wall. And now that you know how extensive our catalogue is, stop searching “stencil paints near me” on Google and give us a call instead. We will be more than happy to help you!