4 Decor Essentials For Beautiful Indian Themed Home

When it comes to designing your home there are some ground rules which cannot be underestimated. When it comes Indian style home décor, there 4 essentials that must be taken absolutely seriously.


To give your home the perfect theme based décor; select the colors that make it look welcoming and warm.Indians like warm colors like shades of orange or green.

Tip- It would be interesting to work on a state based theme that can vouch for your 2-States story. Punjab or Pondicherry, following a state based theme is not only interesting but will also give more ideas to work on your décor. Choosing a color then becomes a mandate.

Also for a harmonious look, it is important for all the colors in the house i.e. walls, items – fixed and furnished to color coordinate. So deciding on a the desired look and feel of the house before starting with the makeover will help.


Next in line comes the furniture.Mostly the wooden archaic style furniture works the best with Indian style theme. Invest some time in finding the perfect furniture. Remember a perfect piece of furniture ornaments your home in the most artistic way.


Lights are the most underrated essential. An average Indian home is lit up with few tube lights or bulbs. The good news is these can still be kept; just wrap around them beautiful lamp shades bought from the nearest flea market. You can also light up your home with the modest Diyas or the even the Diwali garland lights, wrapped around your furniture or your balcony walls. This will add to the panache!


Patterns can change the look your walls look. A simple design worked on your walls can make your home well planned and well decorated. Nothing is more relaxing than well patterned walls. A great source of design inspiration is in your own wardrobe – Saris. Patterns that look well painted and executed can do wonders to your home décor. Adorn the floors with Alpanas or rice flour Kolams. They bring out the best of Indian culture.