Why is surface preparation important before painting?

Surface preparation is time-consuming but skipping it would not do any favors to the overall painting job. Durability of any painting coat depends upon complete and careful preparation of the surface before painting. The surface should be even and smooth. Any cracks, and holes or any other imperfections do not let the paint adhere correctly to the surface. Inadequate surface preparation results into majority of paint failures.

Surface preparation techniques vary according to the type of surfaces. Interior and exterior surfaces even cannot follow the same procedure. Similarly, it would vary considering its fresh painting or repainting. In case of repainting, it is not necessary to remove entire, existing paint layer, but to remove all loose flakes. Painting over the broken pieces can result in coming off of the old paint along with the new paint.

Wall Cleaning :

Exterior walls may appear clean on the outside, but every wall usually has dirt, dust, and black spots. Fungi grows on moisture captured walls or ill maintained ones. These impurities may not be visible, but they are usually present on the wall. They restrict the ability of the coating to stick to the wall entirely. So, cleaning the walls before painting is an essential step.

Fixing Wall Dampness :

Checking the wall for dampness is another vital step. Wet and discolored patches on the wall indicate the presence of humidity. Bacteria find their home in surface irregularities like gaps, hairline cracks, and small holes. These bacteria that are present on the wall contaminate the room atmosphere and can cause significant health issues. So the gaps need to be filled and smoothed with sanding paper.

Priming :

Primer helps hide the dark surfaces and patched areas. Applying a coat of primer helps the surface look uniform in shade. Moreover, priming increases life of paint, as it helps in its adhesion on to the surface.

The complete wall surface preparation job consists of cleaning, repairing, patching, sanding, masking, and priming. Each surface preparation technique is used for different reasons and holds its unique importance. Thoroughly applying each step will give a well-prepared surface and ultimately a  finely done painting job. 

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