Wall Paint Vs Wallpaper_ Pros and Cons

When you find yourself looking around your home and considering some aesthetic changes, you might find yourself weighing your options between wall paint and wallpaper. There’s certainly no denying the fact that the right kind of wall paint can transform your home and create a soothing environment. However, there are a few advantages to wallpaper as well and in this post we’ll explore the pros and cons between the two choices. 

Preparation time: 

Wallpaper: For those of you who are working with an existing wallpaper that you need to remove, it can be sticky business. Getting a layer of existing wallpaper off the wall can be cumbersome and you need to have a basic understanding of the chemicals or solutions required to get the paper off. Excessive use of these chemicals can end up damaging your walls so it is advisable to consult with an expert for this kind of work.

Wall paint: There’s many reasons you may choose to change the wall paint in your home. If you’re doing so to try and cover up some damages or paint chips, getting the surface ready for another coat of paint is usually easy enough. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to fix the paint chips on your wall, here’s a useful article for you DIY tips for paint chips on wall


Wallpaper: A good quality wallpaper can prove to be extremely durable and stand a fair amount of wear and tear. For those of us with children running around the house, good wallpaper should stand the test of time and there are varieties that exist that make it easy to scrub off marks and blemishes.

Wall paint: There are many kinds of paints out there and the quality and durability differ with the category of wall paint you finally select. Starting from a basic distemper and going all the way up to washable Apcolite paints, the top of the line wall paint can last you upto 7 years without requiring another coat. Depending on your budget and preferences, you may find paint to be a lot more durable than you think.


Wallpaper:  The advantage with wallpaper is that given the nature of the medium of expression, there are a lot of existing patterns to choose from. When evaluating wallpaper options you may find yourself spoilt for choice. The benefit here is that it’s easy to look through a flipbook of preexisting patterns and pick one to go with. With the explosion of the digital world and unprecedented access to artistic creativity, you’re bound to find a pattern that works for you.

Wall paint:  Your exploration of wall paint options tends to be a little more personal than the wall paper option. Here, you are choosing colours, shades, tints and textures that best speak out your personality and suit the room you are choosing to adorn. It’s advisable to take your time and go through all the options before finalising the exact tone you are going to give your home.


Wallpaper: While there’s no blanket rule that applies here, good quality wallpaper can sometimes be on the pricey side. Aside from the wallpaper itself, there are a few supplies you will need to ensure you’ve got it up right and in a way that doesn’t end up peeling at the first sign of trouble. However, there are always cheaper options you can go for and if the wall surface area isn’t too large, you can take a DIY approach and 

Wall paint:  Similar to the wallpaper option, there is a range of choices when it comes to wall paint even in terms of budget. However, when you take into consideration the other factors such as durability and variety, wall paint is often the preferred choice for people looking to transform their homes in a hassle free and cost effective manner.

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