Top 3 reasons to go bold with colour

People across the world have a wide variety of tastes and preferences when it comes to their choice of wall painting colour with which to dress up their homes. The spectrum ranges from the neutral and muted tones of greys and whites to the vivid bright hues of the primary colours such as yellow, red or blue. More often than not, people are inclined to go with the neutral palette, primarily because making a decision on a bold colour seems to many like too much of a commitment. There’s no denying that going with a bold wall painting colour palette is more of a statement than a white or muted set of choices, but who knows, you may even enjoy yourself as you take the slightly more adventurous road. If you find yourself wondering why you should consider adopting a bold colour palette for your wall painting, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that could tip the scales in favour of the bolder choice.

To make your space your own

While it stands true that crips white walls is something you can’t go wrong with, it’s also true that white is defined as a neutral colour for a reason. By definition, neutral is in fact just that, it’s neutral, which means it’s neither here nor there. Similarly, by definition, bold is quite the opposite as it gives you a chance to express yourself in your space. Bold colours does not necessarily have to mean garish or jarring, there are many creative ways you can use bright colours to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Some colours such as the right shades of red or orange can make for a stimulating wall painting palette. These colours are associated with activity and energy and can be ideal for places in your home where you want to infuse that kind of a vibe, such as your hall or study room setup. For spaces such as your dining room or living area, you could go with the more soothing tone of blue which creates a sense of calm and makes for a cooler, more composed environment. In areas in the house where you’d like to create your own personal cozy corner, bold wall painting colours in the green shade spectrum can lend that comfortable touch you so desire. Exploring the bolder colour spectrum certainly gives you the opportunity to think about which colours resonate more with you and choose those that have a positive effect on your mood, along with being a more vivid expression of your personality.

To create a compelling contrast

Bold colours don’t necessarily have to mean bright colours, sometimes bold can also mean going with darker shades of colours for your wall painting choices. While black can be thought of as a neutral colour, it is indeed a bold choice to go with. It’s important to remember that while the choices you make in the colour of your wall painting are certainly pivotal in creating the experience within a space, it is by no means the only factor to be considered. The human eye takes in everything from the shades of your furniture to the trimmings of your upholstery and windows panes. Each of these elements come together to create a visual experience that can either dampen your mood or delight your senses. When you go with a bolder set of choices for your wall painting colour scheme, it opens the doors to allowing yourself to create an interplay with the existing decor of your space. When you have a predominantly white or neutral colour palette in your home, going with a bold or dark shade can create a playful contrast, allowing you to accentuate certain select walls or pieces of furniture. Imagine your favourite beige couch silhouetted against a dark shade of blue or black and instantly you can visualise the couch standing out in all its comfortable glory. A bolder choice of wall painting colours also allows you to break up wide open spaces and break any unwanted monotony that may be dominating the experience.

To make small spaces appear larger

While this may seem to be a bit counter intuitive, in this case we’re primarily talking about going with the darker shades such as black, there is certainly something to be said about this perspective. Usually, the advice you hear is if you want to make a space appear larger, go with lighter colours. Numerous studies of human physcology and the effect of colour on the human mind have shown that our eyes tend to consider brighter objects to be closer and darker objects to be further away. The same logic, when applied  to the colour of wall painting can be cleverly leveraged to make the walls appear to be further away than they actually are, simulating an experience of a larger space. Of course, there is no blanket rule here as there are many other elements than just the colour of your wall painting that affect the perception of size in a space such as the lighting, the colours of your floors and ceiling and so on. It all comes down to a customised approach and what works specifically in your space and for your personal taste.

There’s certainly a lot of options available for you to play around with when it comes to choosing to go bold with the colour of your wall painting. If you’re wondering where to get started, you can rest easy and give Aapkapainter a call to help you get started. With everything from colour consultation to a personalized solution with end to end execution, Aapkapainter will ensure you get the wall painting colour scheme of your dreams.