These Five Digital Devices Will Add Additional Beauty To Your Home

Our life is getting more connected with digital devices and nowadays we’re adaptable to it a lot. The tech innovators are giving more importance to the home decoration along with technology.

There are bunch of digital devices which can make our things easy. Here in this post, I am going to share a list of five digital devices which make your interior house more comfortable and beautiful.

So, let’s not chit chat anymore at the beginning and see how it adds more beauty.

Alexa Echo Dot

Alexa echo dot now available with the third generation update. The new echo dot is 70% louder than the earlier so, you will get louder and vibrant sound.

When you bring this to your home, it will definitely showcase the home beauty. Alexa echo dot has many appealing features along with the fabric design. If you put this smart device it will instantly gather the impression and beautify your home.

The all new Alexa Echo Dot can control your lighting, air-conditioning, smart fans according to your instruction. All you need to do is- Speak to Alexa. When you combine this device with Amazon Firestick, you can watch movies and shows on your voice control.

Let’s talk about the shape of Alexa Echo Dot, which is rounded and at the top of you can see the dark black with four buttons. Again, the fabric design is soothing and easily adaptable to other home decors as well.

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Google Home

After Alexa, Google Home introduces with the same exact same features and add up little more in order to compete with them. Well, let’s focus on the design more as this article is to let you know about home decor.

Google Home came with white and with a gray base, however, you may get orange, purple and teal fabric but you need to invest more $20. Again, the metal version in copper and black also available but needs to spend more $40. The angled top touch-sensitive as well illuminates with many colored dots, hence it adds more impression to the home beauty.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick another digital device for your home decoration. Have you used the fire tv stick before? Then you may find the design wise latest one.

The stick measures 85.9 x 30.0 x 12.6mm and it will go straight to the HDMI port which is back of your TV.

You may find it little wider compared to the standard HDMI cable and it is big enough to plug directly into the port. Hence, they brought a short male to female HDMI cable in order to fit. The step process is quite easy, even many tutorials available to setup Amazon Fire TV Stick for the first time.

Well, this is all about the common stuff but the question is how does it fit your home and add some beauty? The Tv stick is far better than the traditional remote control devices in regards to design. Six round shaped tiny buttons and at the top of that, the spherical movable button is pretty awesome. The color is vivid and lucrative and easily get fixed with your home decoration as well.

Smart LED

Which Smart LED you’ll bring at your home? Undoubtedly the beautiful one with soothing features right? Well, there are so many Smart LED available in the market and those are countless. So, we’re not taking you that place.

The question is which one is appealing? It actually depends on where you put it. For the living room, you may bring the stick sizeable LED and this is trendy nowadays. For reading room, oval shape areas usually the best choice and for the kids keep the light inside is safe and sound.

Smart Fan

Using a well-decorated ceiling fan is a good choice and it should be smart as well. Therefore, you can remotely control it.

Which smart fan you’ll bring at home depends on your home decoration as the right color choice is important. Do you love sleeky designed fan? If so then you can bring a Haiku fan. On the other hand, some people love wood color fans as they have plenty of wood’s furniture and want to adjust to it. So, bring this type of smart fan would be a good decision for you as well.

Final Words

If you want a comfortable interior design, then you must include some digital devices in your decoration. The above-listed devices will make everything on your voice command.

Whether your mood is to listen to music or play your favorite movies, all can be controlled on your voice command. Amazon Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick smoothly working to control your lighting and fans.

Even the monthly expenditure with Fire Stick is much lower than anything else. There is always and option to jailbreak your firestick with Kodi to save monthly subscription to premium services.

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