Style Your Home the Botanical Way!

Botanical is the most simplistic way to decorate your home. It’s not only refreshing but it also bring a lot of oxygen indoors. It need not be explicit but you choose what suits your style. We bring few tips to try out this warm and refreshing style of décor.

Choose plants wisely


Plants are the natural way of welcoming nature home. It makes you feel so much alive.When you have to go botanical for your home décor, choose the ones you like the most. The dainty ones, or if you feel like more of bamboo plants. Anything that is low on maintenance and keeps your home looking fresh.

Copper lamps

Botanical theme works wonders when you club it with copper lamps or anything copper for that matter. Find the best location at your home to choose these lamps and strategically place them above a plant. It just brings the best of your home décor.

Green to Grey!


The color green and shades of green work fabulously with the color gray. You could choose grey table cloth. Also, choose the cotton ones to give a rustic look to your home.

Bed sheets and Pillow covers

Pillow covers and bed sheets give the right company to your home botanical home décor. You could choose a variety of them like the fresh looking ones and deep shades of green.