Romance With Colors

Newly married or going strong together for decades, colors can enhance or revive the romance in your relationship.Certain hues combined with warm colors can bring back the charm in your relationship.These colors also promote good sleep which in- turn improves the quality of your health and relationship.Making a wise and informative decision can make your life a blissful one.

Red – The color is known to be associated with passion. However using it too much on the walls can have an equally opposite effect. Use of accessories and accents can give a warm and passionate,welcoming feeling to your room. Right silk linen and satin bed sheets, can give the room the perfect feel and look.

Purple – Another bold and passionate color. Again it is to be used as accents and cannot be over used. Purple makes the room appealing and inviting both. With cotton bed sheets, fluffy pillows and accessories like lamps; your room is all set.

Blue – It’s an underestimated romantic color. It symbolizes peace, tranquility, trust and reliability. If you think about it, these are the simple ingredients for romance. Just don’t overdo it. Add the right accessories and your bedroom will instantly look warm, feel warm.

Once you have worked on the color selection. Invest in some nice satin or pure cotton bed sheets and add some good quality pillows. Select some solid colors for your bed sheet. Be careful about too many prints that can distract.

Also, add some romantic decorating accents like candles, flower vases, glassware or crystal lamps. Buy some fancy beautiful night lights from any local store or flea markets. They give the room nice romantic glow.