Recipe For a Quick Makeover

We somehow tend to forget the small details that make a huge difference. And that most of these are inexpensive and effective and can be bought from the flea markets. Let’s focus on some of them that can make a lot of difference.

Pillows for a quick Makeover


Pillows can instantly make the look of your room. Invest in some 4- 5 small or big pillows that match your wall colors. They instantly draw your attention at the right places.


Curtains soften the look of your room. Invest in some real nice colors or plain white curtains. Curtains compliment the color of your room. Buy them for the door and windows.

Quick makeover_Colorful Towels


Bright, bold towels in the kitchen or bathroom add zing to the home.


The most inexpensive investment is some real nice placemats. You can buy some aesthetically good looking ones, bright ones or the plain ones. In either case, they are very inviting to see at.

Vases and Bowls

Vases and Bowls add visual height to a specific place. Buy them or make them. It adds creative touch to the space.

WallHanging_Quick makeover

Wall Art

Wall art is the most under rated ornament to your room. Invest in some real good ones for your walls. They can be places above your dining room, hall room or even the bathroom. Wherever you feel they may add a living element to your bathroom.


Consider painting just the doors in a new color. Re-coloring an interior or exterior can liven up the view of the family and guests.

Home shows your personality and just like as vibrant as personality can be, these small little details bring out the shine to your home.