Protect Your Home This Rainy Season

It is needless to say how rains can play havoc to your home. So we bring you some precautionary measures to protect your home from the harsh winds.

Repair all the cracks

Cracks are vicious. They can torture your walls and weaken them in the long run. So, let them be fixed in time. Rains are just around the corner and you don’t want to mess up with your walls.

Exterior paint

The exterior walls are almost always neglected. This can harm your walls. So fix any bubbling on the walls or wearing out of paints.


Notice any clogged gutters in your area. Get it cleaned as soon as possible. This will prevent breeding that cause water borne diseases and also keep your area clean and will avoid choke ups.

Wire Protection

Now, the moist on the walls can be dangerous for the loosely hanging walls. Especially if you have a kid at home. So, fix all the lose wires and earthling needs to be done too.