Pros & Cons of Painting in Summer Season

Painting in summer season is not an easy job. Though it looks appealing on the surface as the drying of paint coat takes less time, there are many other factors which affect a summer painting job.

Below given are the pros & cons of painting in the summer season that need to be taken into consideration before picking up a summer painting job.

painting in summer season


  • All paints and oils are usually heavier. The weather has an effect on the heaviness of the paint. In the summer season, the heat causes paint pigments to expand which results in thinning of the paint. The thinner┬ápaint is easy to apply and spreads well.
  • Exposure of paint coating to direct sunlight helps the upper layer to dry quickly. It allows the application of more than one paint layer on the same day.
  • The prep time is less as primer, speckles and paint coating dries too quickly.
  • The smell of the paint is too intense and it usually remains even after complete drying of the paint. Summer heat causes paint to dry fast, hence the smells fade away quickly.


  • Surface preparation is always important, but it;s crucial when doing a painting job in summer. Heat and Windy weather usually takes it long for surface preparation; sometimes as long as the complete paint job.
  • Sometimes, upper layer dries too quickly without complete drying of the layer underneath which results into wrinkling which gives uneven finishing.
  • Painting under direct sunlight tends to blistering.
  • Summer heat causes the painting tools like brushes & roller to dry out which then becomes difficult to clean.
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